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    The woman comes back with Kelbanor

    His face has a large smile on it and he springs an inch in the air before he rushes forward towards the man, while the woman who brought Kelbanor over looks scandalized


    He stops just short of the man, and gets his presidential on.

    “Um, hello sir, how may I help you?”


    “It’s nice to see you, Mr. President,” Ch’taia says hesitantly. “I brought this present for you. If, in exchange, I could speak to you for a mere few minutes…?”

    A guard immediately approaches to take the bunny to be examined by a mage, the normal routine for all gifts Kelbanor has been receiving.


    Looking very forlorn as the bunny was taken away, he nods to the woman at the front desk

    “Shayla, clear my schedule for the next 30 minutes please.”


    “Sir, the Gnomish King wishes to-“


    “Please, Shayla, this man brought me a bunny. The gnomes should at the very least understand that.”

    Smiling, he turns to the man

    “Follow me.”


    Heads to his chambers, some guards following.


    As soon as the door closes behind them and they both sit, Ch’taia pulls a potion vial out of his manpurse. She places it on top of the desk.

    “President Il’edan, do you recognize this to be truth potion?”



    Gestures to a guard, who confirms it

    “Yes. Why?”


    Ch’taia nods slowly, rubbing his stubble and thinking.

    He abruptly uncorks the vial and drinks the contents.

    After giving it a moment to work, he begins speaking quickly (in a voice deep enough to match his body).

    “My name is Ch’taia Estel, daughter of Kartes and Baleia Estel. I am the Vice-President of Sarenu, the Commander-in-Chief of the People’s Republic soldiers, and the Sergeant-Major of the former Injustice Fighters. I met you when you were forty-two years old. Pano pushed me on the playground and you broke up our fight. A few years later, you told me to run away from my house when Miss Myrtha hit me for the first time and left bruises all over my arms. I talked to Kalestria Thadenath for you when you had a crush on her when you were ninety-six. You and I ran all the way to the Laineth Public Hospital when Astria broke her leg playing roundball. Your mother knit me a brown sweater with green and gold leaves which I wore to Malithres’ one-hundredth birthday party.”

    He takes a breath, looking a bit nervous. “Please believe me. Orynn, the gnome, servant god of Garl Glittergold… turned me into a man.”

    He folds his hands over his lap in a feminine fashion, red-faced and somewhere between anxious and angry.


    Kelbanor looks at her, kinda sorta stunned and stuttering, then spurts out

    “You look kinda good as a man.”

    And bursts out laughing, hysterically. When he stops, he says

    “But I get to keep the bunny, right?”


    Ch’taia looks pained.

    “All you’re worried about is the damn bunny?!”

    Fury burns in his eyes. “I had to bring the bunny so that you wouldn’t immediately dismiss me as a commoner! I can’t attend the press conference I’m hosting tomorrow, but your main concern is the bunny?!”

    Ch’taia lets out a frustrated low groan, shakes his head vigorously, then crosses his arms effeminately.


    Kelbanor snorts

    “Ch’taia, just ask Orynn to change you back. You’ll be fine. At the very least, I can get a gnome to perhaps cast an illusion on you resembling you in true form for the press conference.”

    Kelbanor doesn’t seem too concerned.


    “The others say it’ll last a week. It has been three days.” She scoffs, and for a fraction of a second, she looks like herself again. “As much as I dislike having magic cast on me… you’d better find a gnome,” Ch’taia grumbles.


    In the Vice-Presidential suite of the Laineth Courthouse of Sarenu’, the Vice-President paces around her study. She twirls a purple rose in her hands and glances at the empty flower vase on top of the fireplace.

    In a sudden fit of rage, she grabs the glass vase and hurls it at the wall, watching as the glass explodes and litters the floor. She slides down a wall and sits with her back against it, wondering how long it would be before a guard showed up.

    Sure enough, it had been all of five seconds before the knock on her door.

Viewing 11 posts - 811 through 821 (of 821 total)

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