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    [color=green:zv571x8f]tactfully ignoring the "face of the rebellion bullshit", Sergeant Il’edan responds to Ch’taia’s question

    "This city is too important to lose. I should probably stay here, Sergeant Major. But if you request it of me, I can accompany you. Sergeant Poldora’sia in charge here. Unwise considering the Vision, but you were meant to be there when it happens, so perhaps nothing bad will come to Iandor."[/color:zv571x8f]


    [color=green:ztfh965l]"I should–" Ch’taia begins before her voice catches. She wills herself not to get emotional and clears her throat. "Perhaps I should avoid Poldora’sia for as long as I can…"[/color:ztfh965l]



    [color=green:xglmg5f7]slowly nods

    "Perhaps its for the best. Shall I gather you supplies for your trip?"[/color:xglmg5f7]


    [color=green:7pul2hq5]"Please. Thank you, Sergeant," Ch’taia says, rising to her feet. She places a firm hand on his shoulder.

    "Kelbanor… I’d fall apart without you. Thank you." Ch’taia gives him a look of deep gratitude.[/color:7pul2hq5]



    [color=green:o2ws2jw4]"Its no problem ma’am. Thank you for always being there for the resistance."

    Sergeant Il’edan personally leaves and gathers Ch’taia’s supplies, and comes back to her with them[/color:o2ws2jw4]


    [color=green:v7ug2wlb]"Thank you, Kelbanor," Ch’taia says, taking the leather bag from him. She sets it gently on the floor and stares at it for a moment, lost in thought.

    What if a surprise attack began as soon as she set foot in Laineth, and that’s how Poldora’sia would die? She didn’t think so… she was familiar with most of the streets of Laineth and the ones in her vision were strange to her. Still…

    Ch’taia thinks back on the day years ago when she chose which members of the Ilvanya Ohtar would accompany her with the traditional coming-of-age ritual, where she had to carry out a major accomplishment.

    Assassinating the Sarenuian Royal Crown after successfully infiltrating the Castle would have been a good accomplishment.

    She remembers how Kelbanor had expressed his eagerness to put his life on the line for the cause, even back then, and how she told him she needed intelligent minds that she could trust on the outside. She remembers how crestfallen he looked when he learned his friend, Malithres, would go with her instead.

    "Kelbanor… I wish you could come with me. I am more confident with you by my side. Caranist, I even feel safer. And yet… I sometimes feel as though I robbed you of the chance to join me in the Royal Castle that day… perhaps if I had brought you with me, things would have been different, I don’t know." Ch’taia remembers the last glance she ever exchanged with her best friend. "We could have saved Astria, maybe. Or Malithres… only Caranist knows."[/color:v7ug2wlb]



    [color=green:flyuiynl]"Ch’taia, do not blame yourself. I could’ve died right along side them as well. Astria and Malithres wouldn’t have wanted you to dwell on them. You know this as well. Fight for Sarenu, fight for the dead, and when it comes down to it, I shall personally help you in killing San’ta’lia"

    Sergeant Il’edan’s voice at first firm, rose in strength by the end

    "But now, let us get you to Laineth safely. I shall send with you my two best. And I shall hold down the fort here."

    smiles widely at her, looking her in the eyes

    "You will be fine. Good luck with the parents, Ch’taia"[/color:flyuiynl]


    [color=green:mf45jjnk]Ch’taia salutes Kelbanor, lets out a small whimper and leaves for Laineth.

    She couldn’t explain it exactly. Perhaps it was the sounds and smells of the city that combined to create everything she knew to be her home. It was risky for her to be walking down the street in broad daylight, and armed with a bow, no less, but she couldn’t help it. She craved to be a free woman and walk the streets of her home without fearing assassination.

    When she reaches the Rebel District, as the media had been calling it, she lets herself breathe a bit easier. Among these few precious blocks, thousands of rebels had taken homes from nobles or claimed government buildings. Most of them were Ch’taia’s own Ilvanya Ohtar. As soon as she reaches Town Square, she knows they sense her presence.

    There is a man standing in the center of the square, delivering a lecture about free world economics. About a thousand rebel Cadets surround him, capturing his every word. The elves toward the back begin to whisper, and when someone confirms who she is, they all begin turning 180 degrees to face her and stand at attention, holding their salute.

    Ch’taia automatically stands at attention, holding her fist to her chest. "For victory and the new rule!" she shouts firmly, as loudly as she can.[/color:mf45jjnk]



    [color=green:fl8qcm9q]the crowd, in unison, puts their fists to their chests

    "For victory and the new rule!!!!"

    then crowd begins chanting




    [color=green:fl8qcm9q]And then General Kartes Estel comes out of Laineth’s Royal Palace he walks towards the chanting crowds, who notice him. They go silent. He walks up to Ch’taia.

    "Sergeant Major Ch’taia Estel"

    and puts his hand on his chest

    "For victory and the new rule."

    he says this all in official tones[/color:fl8qcm9q]


    [color=green:jmiffyoa]"For victory and the new rule, General," Ch’taia answers fiercely, staring directly into his eyes. She is almost asserting her authority over him as Sergeant Major, the only authority she has over him.

    Ch’taia takes a step to the left so that the rebels can see her. She gestures for her father to stand to her right and face the crowd.

    "My fighters of injustice! They have tried to spread lies of my capture, my torture, my death– these are all lies! And as long as I breathe, the very blood that pumps through my veins carry the spirit of this rebellion!"

    She pauses, waiting for the cries of agreement to die down. "We have seen the faces of the hungry on these very streets, begging for the Crown to spare a piece of bread! We have heard the cries of anguish from those without coin to pay for a Healer! We have demonstrated here, now, and since the fall Moons when we took the capitol city, that we possess something which our enemy does not: the unity, fire and determination required for drastic change! Long live the rebellion! Long live the Leaf Party! Long live the Peace Makers! Long live the Injustice Fighters!"

    Ch’taia pounds a fist to her chest just as a nearby Cadet steps out of formation and lunges toward her, hitting her upside the head with the back of his bow, knocking her out cold. She crumples to the ground.[/color:jmiffyoa]



    [color=green:xexoista]General Estel immediately draws his sword and in one fluid motion stabs through the chest of the attacker. Another tries to kill Ch’taia, but the General disarms him smoothly, and the crowd seizes him. The General takes Ch’taia’s unconscious form and another member of the crowd helps bring in the resisting second attacker. A third assassin tries to kill them, but the crowd tears him apart. The crowd is now under mob mentality. The General brings in Ch’taia to the Royal Palace, and the second attacker is jailed in the depths of the palace.

    When Ch’taia wakes up, her mother is there, at her bedside in the infirmary. General Estel is in the throne room. He has dispatched commanders to settle the crowd, and investigate the attacks.

    The prisoner languishes in the jail, awaiting Ch’taia’s knife.[/color:xexoista]


    [color=green:rcr6oays]As Ch’taia’s eyes flutter open, she holds her head in pain and groans. As soon as she sees her mother, she stops complaining audibly. "Hello, Mother," she says in as normal a voice she can manage. "I didn’t die, just like I promised."

    She immediately rises from her bed and starts grabbing her personal effects. On her way to the door, she stops in front of her mother and kisses her on the cheek. "Did any of the Cadets lose their lives?" she asks tentatively, bracing herself for the answer.[/color:rcr6oays]



    [color=green:uj3tvxo8]"Only one"

    Baleia Estel hugs her daughter close

    "But you are safe"

    releases her

    "Your father is in the throne room. I worry about him sometimes…"

    looks lost in thought, but clears it

    "The riots quickly died down as soon as your father sent his commanders out. I can’t believe assassins would try to get you here, in Laineth! I thought you would be safe here with me."

    smiles tremulously

    "I am glad you are back."[/color:uj3tvxo8]


    [color=green:v45rh5wg]"Assassins? More than one? Caranist… well, the assassins would expect me here, Mother. Besides, war makes people lose their minds. The man I saw attack me has probably been a Cadet for just as long as the others. [i:v45rh5wg]You[/i:v45rh5wg] need to be careful, since I’m not always here to be carefu for you," Ch’taia answers, kissing her mother on top of her head and gliding out the door to find her father.

    As soon as she enters the corridor, she realizes where she is. She had refused to come back to the Royal Castle. It brought back terrible memories. Here she was, in this hallway again, against her will. She tiptoes to the Throne Room– she had spent so many moons studying the layout of the Castle that she didn’t need to stop and ask for directions. [i:v45rh5wg]Follow the red carpet if we’re separated.[/i:v45rh5wg]

    She pushes the large doors open and holds her breath as she walks straight up to the throne, refusing to look at the places where she remembers her friends kneeling. "Father," she says painfully.[/color:v45rh5wg]



    [color=green:e00u6hyq]He is sitting upon the throne

    "Ch’taia Estel"

    he says stiffly

    "So what is the rest of Keimin like? You’ve been absent for a long time."[/color:e00u6hyq]

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