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    [color=green:8i07h7ja]"I’m fine, Kelbanor," she presses. "The only way my Prophecy and Vision can help us is to dampen our hearts with agony, I’m afraid. I’ve explained to you before how I cannot forget my predictions," she says, her cheeks turning red as they did every time she discussed her gift of Sight.

    [i:8i07h7ja]"Er edhel tuulo’i’ohta,
    Minya e’naia,
    Toror’tuulo Duinostar.

    Quanta en’ruth ar’lhach,
    Dagora i’band en’eska,
    Dagora ten’i nukumna.

    Carad gurth tuulo’he quenat.
    Sira e’a i’kemen,
    Sira tanna goth lakilea.

    Wanwa ed’nir pilinae,
    Edhelo wilwarin en’ambar.
    Mor dome tuilindo ho.

    E’a i’cam en’Lassol,
    Dagor haiyassen seere.
    Auta ten’esta e’poika."

    ((Translation into Common:

    One elf from the war,
    Second in command,
    Brother from Duinostar.

    Full of anger and flame,
    Fights the prison that is his home,
    Fights for the humble.

    Red death frm his body.
    Flows into the soil,
    Flows toward the enemy victory.

    Lost by many arrows,
    Elvish butterfly of fate.
    Black night swallows him.

    Into the hand of Lassol,
    Battle far away, he is with peace.
    He goes to rest with the pure.))[/i:8i07h7ja]

    She pauses to wait for his reaction, desperately trying to read his thoughts by scanning his eyes.[/color:8i07h7ja]



    [color=green:o56fzzm0]"One elf from the war,
    Second in command,
    Brother from Duinostar"

    Sergeant Il’edan repeats

    "…but that means…."

    he whitens

    "What did you see in the Vision? And why is their enemy victory?"

    regains composure[/color:o56fzzm0]


    [color=green:20yz5mau]"I don’t know, Kelbanor," Ch’taia responds with frustration. "I saw us fighting in city streets, side by side… the right side of his body was badly burned, he was hit with a stray exploding potion… Caranist, I can still smell the smoke from my Vision, it was one of my exploding potions, Kelbanor! I’m doing this to him! How can I face Sergeant Poldora’sia? How can I confront him and tell him I don’t know how much longer he has to live? If you would have seen the way he’s taken down… when that arrow hits his throat… If you could have seen his funeral, Kelbanor. He’s going to be buried in the rebel cemetary. The moment everyone raises a leaf in the wind… you know how Poldora’sia blindly follows Lassol… It shakes my bones to think of it. It chills my blood," Ch’taia says wildly, her brow knitted in desperation.[/color:20yz5mau]

    Celmin Longfong
    Celmin Longfong

    [color=white:eu2f98q7] The room was filled with chatter, maps, generals and officers of the Northern Elvish Alliance. Celmin walked into the room still dressed in his armor that had the Ko’ebbien insignia printed on the chest plate.

    "You called for me my lord" Celmin said taking a kneel in front off San’ta’lia

    "Yes Celmin Longfong your new orders you are to leave at once take only a small unit with you. ‘Dreamers’ only this mission is a high priority". San’ta’lia handed Celmin a piece of parchment sealed with the Northern Elvish Alliances insignia.

    "With all due respect sir I do not like to work with battle mages, I prefer to work outside of ‘The Dreamers’" Celmin protested.

    "And I do not like to be questioned you have your orders go" San’ta’lia dismissed Celmin with his hand. Celmin quickly stood at attention.

    "For the glory and honor of the eternal kingdom of Ko’ebbe. Hail King Maenír who is in Sarnu’s favor". A few of the older officers stooped what they were discussing and replied "Hail the one true land" Celmin turned on his heel and left. Once he had left the room Celmin opened the letter. Scanning it quickly there was large amounts of details of the spotting and suspected location of one of the rebel leaders. Though the order boiled down to one thing. Kill Ch’taia Estel of the Ilvanya Ohtar.



    ((hey kevin, the rebels have control over the capital city, Laineth. You should go set up your new palace elsewhere.))

    Celmin Longfong
    Celmin Longfong

    (oh really so far behind on the times last time I checked Northern Elvish held most of the country oh dear need to get a status update being in japan is hard sometimes)


    ((that’s okay, this could have taken place where Sant’a’lia is currently stationed… which is… umm… north of Laineth?))



    [color=green:tw1k58vu]Sergeant Il’edan stands there, thinking

    he places a hand on Ch’taia’s shoulder

    "Then we shall make sure his death is not in vain, even though it hasn’t happened yet. But this does give us an opportunity. We know where the Crown will strike, and that is where he is. So we strategically place him, and set a trap for the Crown. I know it sounds harsh, using him as bait, but your Visions never fail to come true, and we might as well use this information to our advantage."

    [color=yellow:tw1k58vu]a messenger comes in and places his fist against his chest

    "Sergeant Major Ch’taia Estel, I have a message from King Aldo for you."

    hands it to her[/color:tw1k58vu]

    [i:tw1k58vu]it says[/i:tw1k58vu]

    Dear Ch’taia Estel,

    I have recently discovered that one of my own Selective Board members was a traitor. The Minister of War, Lord Brom Ramgate, gave Kelta information that seriously damaged the safety and integrity of the capital city. He also stole our store of iron, which seriously weakened our war preparedness when Kelta invaded. Giving it to Kelta did not help matters.

    Despite the fact that the Minister of War was a traitor, he was still a Selective Board member, and should have been brought to me for his crimes, not assassinated by the Crusaders, my Crusaders! So they are banished from Kasinthia.

    But you, my dear Ch’taia, were not involved in those events. So you still have my trust. And since it seems I cannot trust my own Selective Board, I am organizing a committee to investigate not only into the extent of the War Minister’s treachery, but into all of my Board members. And I would like you to head this committee.

    If you cannot make it, it is quite alright. I understand. I do hope you send me a letter in response though. I would like to know how you have been, Ch’taia.

    The Kasinthian Monarch,
    King Aldo Theodore Nimgalen Ethlavir


    [color=green:pjdccn76]Ch’taia stares at the letter speechlessly. She reads it over twice, then holds the broken wax seal under candlelight.

    "It doesn’t appear to be a ruse," she murmurs, folding the parchment and placing it in her bag. She thanks the messenger and asks for a small stack of parchment and a quill. She salutes and dismisses the messenger, wishing to speak to Kelbanor about it. His intelligence really was becoming invaluable to her… she was sure that if Poldora’sia were at her side instead, he’d also be indispensible, but she didn’t know what she’d do without Kelbanor.

    Once they were alone in the corridor, she gestured to a door and stepped through it, beckoning Il’edan to follow her. Inside, the office of perhaps a judge held several fine chairs and a large wooden desk. The walls were lined with bookshelves.

    Ch’taia takes a seat behind the desk and pulls out the letter from the King, tossing it across the desk at Il’edan.[/color:pjdccn76]



    [color=green:gpukjaac]grabs the letter in mid-toss, Sergeant Il’edan takes a look at it. Pausing, and then saying slowly

    "It may be wise for the stability of Kasinthia for you to go head this committee. But war is brewing in the Northern Elvish Alliance. We may need you here. It’s not a ruse, is it? Do you recognize his handwriting?"[/color:gpukjaac]


    [color=green:xs6vhimi]"I do. His Majesty’s handwriting can be imitated, but his seal is less likely to be. And I would recognize this symbol anywhere," she says, pointing to the seal.

    "I owe so much to this man. He is not like other royals. If it weren’t for Him, I wouldn’t be Sergeant Major of the Ilvanya Ohtar, that’s for sure." She hesitates.

    "I will join this committee on the condition that I may answer your calls of distress, Kelbanor. This, and that I be given a new Sending Stone… I threw mine in a fit of anger in Okime. I’m not sure if it’s broken, or where it even is," she says with a hint of embarassment.

    She takes one of the pieces of parchment and starts scribbling quickly.[/color:xs6vhimi]



    [color=green:h758lype]"Yes, Sergeant Major"

    Sergeant Il’edan places his fist on his chest, before relaxing

    "We are in the City Hall. I can procure one for you shortly"

    sends messenger to get it

    he comes back with one

    Sergeant Il’edan thanks him, and hands it to Ch’taia[/color:h758lype]


    [color=green:mgrxc6ko]"Thank you, Sergeant," she answers, taking the smooth green rectangular Stone.

    She continues to silently write for several minutes, then creases the parchment closed, pours wax from a nearby candle onto the letter and presses one of her rings into the seal.[/color:mgrxc6ko]

    [i:mgrxc6ko]For the Eyes of His Royal Majesty,
    The Wise and Benevolent Highness,
    King Aldo Theodore Nimgalen Ethlavir,
    Just Ruler of the Kingdom of Kasinthia.

    My King, it warms me to know that You have not lost faith in me. I feared I would be grouped with the Crusaders of the Crown, who unjustly kept company with an assassin of one of Your Selective Board. I owe You so very much, My Liege, and I must dutifully oblige with Thine Offer. Surely I need not inform you upon my current activities– suffice to say, I am carrying out my responsibilities as Sergeant Major in Sarenu. Of course, Your Majesty has never taken a side in the war, a wise political move, but His Benevolence has generously turned His Head regarding my activities in this war.

    I propose to You, My King, my limitless loyalty to Thine Crown, so that I may head this Selective Board Research Committee, on a simple condition. I deeply appreciate Your faith in my work, and would like to gently remind You that I have always given you honesty only, save for my blunder with the staged suicide, for which I know You have forgiven me. I did not leave off on the best of terms with my fellow Members of the Selective Board, and perhaps this title will only aggravate those relations, but I complain not, My King. I will carry through with what must be done. As High Interrogator of this Selective Board Research Committee, I will create records for each of His Majesty’s Selective Board Members, until further notice. I will take my leave for Kasinthia as soon as I may.

    My condition for this acceptance is as follows: considering that my tasks for this position are not as time-sensitive in nature as a daily rebellion on the streets of well-populated cities, I must ask Your Permanent Permission to answer any and all distress calls from my Sergeants and otherwise of the Ilvanya Ohtar. Just as I did not abandon my Crusaders during one of their times of greatest need in the Great Winter War of 773, I will not abandon my troops in Sarenu.

    As a cautionary addendum, I would advise His Majesty that I travel amongst the shadows of the night and within the hood of my cloak, for very many kingdoms would like to be the ones to turn me over to Sant’a’lia. I have always turned down my troops when they request to travel with me, for I do not wish to endanger their lives, so precious to our cause here. I should not like to endanger any Members of the Selective Board, Royal Court or otherwise, but I trust that within Your walls, I will almost walk with the air of a free elf again.

    May The Spirits Ever Guide Thine Ruling Hand.

    Forever Yours in Faith and Loyalty,
    Sergeant Major Ch’taia Estel
    Daughter of Kartes and Baleia Estel
    Sarenuian Ilvanya Ohtar[/i:mgrxc6ko]

    [color=green:mgrxc6ko]"I’ll have the messenger take this back to King Aldo at once. I’d like to travel to Laineth before I leave. General Estel believes it will help the morale of our forces," Ch’taia says curtly, finishing her statement in a higher pitch than usual.[/color:mgrxc6ko]



    [color=yellow:3ulzbleg]The messenger takes the letter, and is heading back to King Aldo now[/color:3ulzbleg]

    [color=green:3ulzbleg]"It is a wise decision, but… do you want to?"

    Sergeant Il’edan says quieter, meaning not to question her, but asking out of friendship[/color:3ulzbleg]


    [color=green:pjqqfwkq]Ch’taia hesitates.

    "Aye, I must. I owe my mother a visit, and it very well may help the morale of the Injustice Fighters if I stop by." Ch’taia starts speaking under her breath, muttering, "’face of the rebellion,’ they say…"

    "In any case," she says in her normal voice, "I do miss my home, however dangerous the visit may be. At least it has the largest concentration of Ilvanya Ohtar. Are you needed here, in Iandor, Sergeant?"[/color:pjqqfwkq]

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