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    Matarian takes a sip of wine and rubs his aching temples before returning his attention to the papers before him. The Council had paid reparations for what their Crusaders had done in Isiastride, but that did not change the fact that he had lost a great deal in tax money, not to mention lives. Furthermore, the Southwestern Ice was melting, and the parties he had sent to investigate had not returned. Rather than recovering from the Fourth War, it seemed that Famardy was continuing to decline.


    Struck by sudden inspiration, he picks up a pen and writes the following:


    Be it known that Famardy, in the spirit of cooperation and for the good of the people of Keimin, will take in any and all humans displaced by the Fourth War. These people will be provided with food and shelter in exchange for their efforts in rebuilding Famardy.


    He sits back and looks at what he has written, then sends for his economic advisor.


    “Well? Would it work?”


    “Perhaps, Your Majesty. Your proposal would go a long way toward restoring Famardy’s populace, but I am concerned that our economy, not to mention our food supply, could not withstand such an influx just now.”


    “What if I took out a loan from the Bank?”


    “I don’t believe I need to tell Your Majesty what a risk that is.”


    “I know it is risky, but is it feasible? If things continue as they are now, I will have wrested this country from the Mad King only to watch it slide further into ruin.”


    “I… mm. It is an interesting idea, certainly, and it could work. Perhaps we should begin with a relatively small group of the displaced? Say, a few thousand to work the farms near the border? If we bring in too many people too quickly, Famardy’s economy could collapse entirely. We will also have to consider food, shelter, protection, taxes…”


    Matarian rests his head in his hands as he is buried once more in logistics.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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