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    Pearl turns crimson with embarassment. “Please… Vigil,” she says haltingly, “Pearl is my last name. I’d… like for you to call me by– by my first.”


    Vigil blinks. He’d never thought of that before. He’d never wondered what her first name was.

    C-certainly…..what is it?

    It was his turn to turn crimson now. What on earth kind of Guildmaster was he if he didn’t even know his love interest’s first name?


    Pearl leans in and whispers into Vigil’s ear with obvious reservations. “…Madeline. My name is Madeline Pearl.”


    Vigil nods as she pulls back.

    I love you, Madeline…

    He shifts uncomfortably a bit. Dark Spirit above, what should he do now? Should he kiss her? He wanted to so badly, but didn’t want to upset her and what’s more, he didn’t know how he’d feel if she didn’t want him to. Wait, how did you kiss again? He panicked a bit inside, his brain failing to call up how to do it, though he’d done it many times before and often been told he was quite good at it. He finally decided to hell with it and leaned in quickly, kissing Pearl with passion.


    Pearl wraps her arms around Vigil and kisses him back. She had kissed before, sure, but this was different…

    After a lingering moment, she pulls away. She isn’t sure where to go from here. She wants to ask him a thousand questions, and doesn’t even know where to begin. She opens her mouth to speak several times, but no words come out. I’m acting so strange, she thinks, suddenly becoming self-conscious and turning red.


    As Vigil pulled back from the kiss, it was as if something he hadn’t even known he was missing was filled inside himself. He smiled and flushed as well, this kiss feeling far different from any other he had ever had. As he looked into Pearl’s flushed face, he could feel the gears in his mind, which had been feeling gunked up before, kick into overdrive. He quickly glanced around him and then his smile turned from one of happiness to one of mischief, he looked over his shoulder at the door he’d kicked everyone out of, then glanced at Pearl, his eyes dancing.

    “Pearl- Madeline….would you like to get the hells out of here? I hate being down here and being in charge of all these cutthroats and murderers. Mostly though, I just want to be somewhere alone with you where I don’t have to worry about the walls having eyes, ears, and gods knows what else…”

    He bounded to his feet, taking her hand into his and pressing a small indentation in the wall, revealing a small, hidden passage.

    “We could grab your traveling companion, slip though here, and be gone before anyone was any more the wise…”

    He looked at her hopefully, wanting nothing more than to get out of here with her, to just be Vigil and not the Assassin’s Guildmaster. He wanted to be with her and not have any of the tedious, dangerous duties he’d been dealing with. To hells with the Guild.

    He’d always been willing to die once he got his revenge. He’d always been content with that before their kiss. Now he wanted the world. He wanted to be happy and be with her and would never be willing to go back to that dark, empty feeling again.


    Pearl grabs him gently by the shoulders in an attempt to stabilize him. She looks directly into his eyes.

    “Vigil, are you sure this is what you want?”


    He nodded, realizing his suddenly light mood could be taken as one of frivolity. He calmed himself and nodded again.

    Yes. Yes, I’m sure. I can’t stay here Madeline. I used to be willing to rule this group and let them kill me eventually, so long as I got my revenge, but now….

    He reddened again and looked away.

    Now I feel like I have something….someone….to live for.

    He turned to look at her again.

    I love you Madeline, and I want to be with you. I can’t do that if I stay the Guildmaster. I guess I can pretend to have merely gone on Guild business at first, but eventually they’ll realize I’m not coming back and then…I don’t know what will happen. They may come after me. They might just be glad I’m gone. It doesn’t matter though. Even if they sent every last Assassin they have, as long as I’m with you, I’ll be happy.

    He put one hand through the passage and reached for hers.

    So? Will you come with me?


    Pearl smiles softly. “Only if yer willin’ ta sail tha seas with me,” she answers in her usual accent. She takes his hand and calls for her bodyguard, who comes running. When he bursts into the room with brandished swords, she signals for him to lower them, then turns back to face the passageway.

    “Lead the way ta Pirate’s Cove, my love.”


    Vigil flushes as she takes his hand and jumps only slightly as her body guard enters the room. He smiles and lights a torch, then takes her hand again.

    I’d gladly sail with you the rest of my days, and I’ll get us there as safe and quickly as I can.

    He smiles happily as he helps lead them both through the darkness and after emerging into his room to grab his gear, change into his normal clothes, grab enough gold to last him twelve lifetimes, and to collect his familiar, who growls lowly at the bodyguard but seems quite taken with Pearl, he leads them all up the long, winding passage until they emerge into the sunlight just outside the Council territory through a door that, once closed, looks merely like a flat stone jutting out of the hillside. Vigil is blinded temporarily by the bright sunlight, and feels a momentary twinge of annoyance, but then smiles as he looks at Pearl.

    Much as he knew he’d adjust to the sun, and be glad of it’s light and warmth, so he knew he’d come to love and be glad of the light he’d found with her.

    ((AWWW!!!! :D))


    Pearl can barely contain her excitement when they reach Pirate’s Cove. Her usual grin has broadened. She feels as though she is walking on air. She is even so bold as to take Vigil’s arm as she walks down the familiar alleyways, enjoying the warmth and comfort of the setting sun. The moment shatters when she hears a loud groan from behind her. Pearl turns just in time to see her bodyguard crumple lifelessly onto the ground. Her grip of Vigil’s arm tightens and her eyes frantically search the faces walking the crowded cobblestone street when a sharp pain in her left shoulder sends her toppling backwards. She stares at the thin Elven throwing knife for a moment, then forces a laugh through gritted teeth when she realizes it wasn’t thrown nearly hard enough to kill her.


    Vigil sees the knife and the blood and feels the happy and loving moment shatter, and he is instantly an Assassin once more. Vigil snarls and draws his swords, the black steel singing in the air as he looks around him, scanning for whoever would dare attack his beloved. He then notices Pearl is bleeding and immediately realizes how potentially serious the small wound could be. Hedrops his dagger, reaching into a pouch on his belt and drawing out a health potion and an antidote, in case the throwing knife was poisoned.

    “My love! Here, take these quickly!”

    He grabs his dagger back up and looks around him, cursing under his breath as he looks everywhere for signs of the attacker.


    Pearl shrugs at the sight of the potions but her eyes widen as her veins begin to constrict. She manages to down the antidote and takes deep breaths of relief.

    “There!” she shouts, pointing the elf out to Vigil. The man looks Beristan and is dressed in Goldclaw colors. He dodges people down the busy alleyway as he makes a dash for the shoreline.


    Vigil takes off after the elf, slinging poisoned throwing star after poisoned throwing star at him. He dodges through the crowd, weaving through them almost gracefully if not for the look of pure hatred burning across his face. He manages to get close enough to make an accurate throw, and a star lodges into the elf’s leg, which is all it takes for poison to begin coursing through his veins. Vigil catches up to and tackles the elf, slamming his head down into the pavement hard several times before rolling him over and putting his dagger to the elf’s throat, drawing a bead of blood on the shimmering ebony blade.

    “How DARE you attack my beloved! Tell me who you’re working for! TELL ME!”

    Vigil snarls and his vision swims red with rage as he tries to get answers.


    he elf groans and narrows his eyes at Vigil, blood visible through his silver-blond hair. “Rachon le.” He hisses the curse through the pain, bracing himself when the human shouts at him.

    Pearl comes running over, looking pale, but stable. She stands over Vigil as he waits for answers.

    The elf spits on Vigil’s face and lunges his neck forward, skillfully granting himself a quick death.

    Pearl is unphased by the suicide, as if she expected it to happen. She leans over and reaches for the elf’s chest, grabs a golden brooch in her fist and tears it off the fabric of his thin Elven shirt.

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