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    Jaka made way to Ava’s room, gently scratching around the gauntlet that clung to his fist. He also double checked to make sure the sword and hammer tied round his waist hadn’t budged, giving a sigh as his paw ran over them. Once outside the door he reached up and knocked gently, placing both paws behind back.

    “Ava? It’s Jaka, if you’re free I’d be more than happy to help you with what we spoke of at Hoculani’s Bar.”


    “What? Oh, right! Hi Jaka, just give me a minute, I’ll be right there” Ava called from inside her room. She scrambled to her door and opened it as she threw her scarf around her neck and shoulders.

    “Thanks again for doing this, I really appreciate it”


    The Lupus shook his head.

    “Don’t mention it, I had my mother to start me off so it would be a shame if you didn’t have that leg up. Lets head to the training fields so we can get started”

    The duo walked off to the fields, it was mid day and the sun was still high in the sky, not a cloud in sight.

    “OK Ava, I know you have the capacity to use Aquatora, but I’ve never seen you use it. Could you show me what you’re capable of right now?”

    He suggested, folding his arms behind his back and doing his best to look familiar and not authoritative.


    “Well, the thing is, I’m not entirely sure what I can do. I mean, I never actually learnt anything, it just kind of… Happened. I opened one of those eggs and now I know how to use water as a weapon, and I guess I can make it move, but my aim is awful and I definitely can’t do what you do.”

    Ava shuffled around, a little embarrassed

    “You’re so… graceful. I’m just this big mess. All I can do with water is hurt. I can’t make anything pretty like you can.”


    “So the Fae granted you the ability…it definitely makes it more difficult since you technically didn’t learn how to use the spell then…”

    The Lupus perked for a minute, scratching behind one of his ears and grinning sheepishly.

    “I showed off a little at Hoculani’s, it’s hard to say but don’t compare yourself to me Ava. I’ve been practicing what I can do for years now, most of my life actually. Everyone starts somewhere and you’re no exception, you can reach whatever levels you want through dedication and effort!”

    Jaka gave his best smile before approaching one of the training dummies.

    “Just aim for the body, give it your best shot while focusing. I won’t test your speed of casting, just the amount of power you can control and aim.”


    Ava nodded and began to focus on the figure in front of her. A small ball of water slowly formed in her hands and propelled forward as she concentrated, only to lose focus at the last second in order to turn to Jaka for approval, causing the water to land a few feet to the left of her target and splash everything in its vicinity.

    “Oh no, that wasn’t what I meant to do at all!”

    She looked away, ashamed


    Jaka felt the water splash up against him. The Lupus blinked to himself as he looked down at his now soaked clothing. Before Ava could move he raised a hand and laughed.

    “This is water magic, someones bound to get wet. Hold on…”

    He focused, slowly pulling the water from his top and pants, reforming it into a smaller ball. Jaka walked back to Ava’s side and held the water between his paws, offering it to her.

    “Here, see if you can focus and control it. Move it from my hands to yours and keep it from breaking apart”


    “I’m so sorry! Oh, I forgot you could do that,”

    She faced Jaka and concentrated hard on the water in front of her, barely blinking. Slowly and shakily she pulled it towards her until it was between her own hands, still shaking but whole.

    “That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be” she said, flashing a small smile in Jaka’s direction.


    “Thats good. You’re doing great”

    Jaka said in a calm tone, not wanting to surprise Ava or mess with her focus. The Lupus pulled his hands back, leaving her to hold the water alone.

    “Now, you have it in your possession. It is yours to control, focus your energy and mind and it will follow. Try to get it steady, and don’t worry about it popping. We can redo it again until you want a break”


    “Thanks. You make this look so much easier” Ava laughed, nearly losing focus but catching herself just in time. The shaking gradually stopped as she composed herself, and soon she was able to relax a little.

    She looked down at the water in her hands, then up at Jaka

    “So, what should I do with this?”


    “Well, now that it is steady its up to you. It is under your control, your beck and call and your every whim. If you want to use it to defend yourself, I suggest practicing your aim on the dummy. Keep its shape and launch it with your power. Now, common mistake. Do not charge the water with your power, just propel it, push it along toward something. Go on, give it your best!”


    “I’ll try”

    She faced the dummy again, determined not to let the same thing happen twice. A few droplets of water fell to the ground as she stared straight ahead. The water left her hands and coursed toward the dummy, this time just grazing the lower left side, the water again hitting the ground just to the left of her target

    “Sorry!” she made a face, embarrassed at not having improved as much as she’d thought “I think I’m a little tired”

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