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    “In what way?”


    “They tend to not restrict magic much. Some species have greater ties to it, so it would prove to be…a bad idea for reforming folks. They just keep a lot of stasis’ers around to stop damage. Obviously if you provide to be too much of a threat, sure, but this isn’t a prison. Prisons stop your magic. The Ryque family doesn’t. Perhaps you picked the wrong sentence, King.”


    Samuel shrugged

    “They have a better idea of how to reform Twitch than I do. Which is ultimately my goal.”


    Cassie rolled her eyes. “Seriously? That’s your response? You honestly think that thing is capable of reform?   That it deserves reform? But Arthanu meanwhile gets to chill out in prison? If you don’t want someone to be executed, fine, that’s a matter of what’s suffering. But that thing deserved prison at the least, and you thought it didn’t even deserve that!”


    Cassie gritted her teeth.


    “Act as high and mighty as you want, but I saw you. You bested Arthanu in a fight. You defeated the guy. You cut off his ears, and I KNOW what that means. You got some sort of catharsis, however small. Don’t act like you took no revenge for his actions.”


    Samuel waited a moment, then nodded.

    “Yes. I did get catharsis. Is that what you want? Catharsis?”


    “I–” Cassie fell momentarily silent. “That wasn’t the point I was making. And so what if I do? Not like the thing saw any justice for the gleeful murder of nearly a hundred people.”


    N-not like any of the Orcs saw justice for what they did, either.

    Lin manages quietly as she straightens herself up.

    You don’t like the verdict, you can try and appeal for a different one. Not like it hasn’t been done before.


    Cassie’s head whirled.


    “Oh. Hello Lin.”


    She had heard Lin and Juneau discussing her bout of rebellion before. She knew Lin didn’t like her much anymore, but that did not bother Cassie much. People disliking her had never been an issue.  Not with Denethor. Or Kah’th. Or G’jorie. Or her paladin brethren…


    “I could appeal. But I also don’t feel comfortable working with people who’d rather see that thing walk free. Seems strange, how this one sided with Elder Cupboard, of all people.”


    Samuel looked at Lin sharply.

    “Neither have you seen justice for what you did to the Crusaders, but then I suppose we have different definitions.”

    Samuel turned to Cassie

    “If you want catharsis and revenge, then come with use to Isiastride when we eventually go there. The head priest is ultimately responsible for Twitch’s actions here. Channel your anger into him.

    “I do not know what to say to make you “comfortable,” though quite frankly that is not my concern anymore. I have explained myself moreso than I am required to. If you can not reconcile that, then there is no more I can do for you.”


    “The head priest isn’t the one who murdered my family — and according to the Times they had nothing to do with any of this. Why do you blame them instead of the one who actually, you know, committed the crime? You and Juneau. Both the same…”


    Samuel smiled at the mention of the Kasinthian Times.

    “It’s your choice to believe that trash, as well as to harbor anymore anger at either Juneau or I. But let me make one thing clear, Cassie: You may feel how you will about us, but on mission you will follow our orders.  Any insubordination or delibrate action against either of us or any of the Crusaders will be met with punishment. Do you understand that?”


    Look, I know this sounds terrible to most people, but I wanted Twitch to get the death penalty. Getting the sentence they–he?–did was the worst thing the Council could’ve done for ’em. And I mean, justice woulda been served, too.

    She pauses to consider for a moment, pointedly ignoring the “what you did to the Crusaders” bit that Sam threw at her.

    So…track Twitch down and kill them yourself. Sorry, Sam, but someone had to say it.


    Cassie sighed.


    “Why do you think I’m talking to you when we’re off duty, sir? Also, I know the Times can be schlocky, but they tend to rarely be wrong, just harsh. Or were those stories of the Crusaders getting drunk, or murdering the minister of war all just false accusations? Because from my perspective, they seem pretty believable.”


    Cassie paused. She looked down at the ground.


    “I have already informed Juneau of my plans to do so, Lin.” She replied, in a barely audible voice.


    Samuel gave Lin a sharp look, then returns to Cassie.

    “And I appreciate you speaking with me, but I do not know what else to say to you nor is that what I’m talking about. I’m talking about your outburst during the mission, as well as your deliberate sabotage of Juneau’s attempt to pass by the Paladins without harassment.”


    “I already talked to Juneau about that.” Cassie replied, still looking down. “I apologized.”

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 1,950 total)

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