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    ((For sake of continuity:

    After the trial, Samuel walked the grounds of the Council territory filled with a sense of melancholy. He didn’t know if Twitch would get what they needed, or even what they deserved, but he didn’t care just then. He felt emotionally exhausted from the ordeal.

    He paused by the famed Council well. He fished around in his pocket and found a handful of arvirs. There he tossed into the well, to no visible effect. He smiled. He didn’t believe in the superstition of the well, but it felt like a nice gesture.

    Samuel continued down the path when a sudden sensation of vertigo overcame him. The world seemed to pull away around him, then suddenly snap back. When he reoriented himself, he was on the floor and the world felt weird. Different. New. He decided he didn’t like this change; it was scary and strange. He pulled himself up, and continued walking, figuring he wouldn’t mention the feeling to anyone else. Besides, it was probably dinner.


    Cassie sat in her room, fuming. Her eyes blurred. Breathing was…not entirely consistent.


    She had just returned from the, well, funeral.


    To be more accurate, she had bailed early. She took one look at the dolled up corpses, and it was enough.


    Lin is still orienting herself to her rooms in the Council building; she’s never had her own room before. A tent is one thing, but a whole room to herself? It’s both relieving and incredibly lonely at the same time.

    Aw, Twitch…

    She flops onto the bed and kicks her legs every so often, frustrated that she couldn’t do anything to help. 

    We did the same thing. Both of us are killers, so why am I not rotting in jail? Not that I’d like to be, a’course, but still!

    The thought scares her a little, and Lin is difficult to scare.

    Oh, I dunno. This whole thing is weird. Nothin’s like what I remember! Twitch is gone, Sam’s a king, and Zeyke’s a freakin’ gnome!!! And then…and then there’s…

    Lin purses her lips and rolls over onto her side. She’d never had a quarrel with this person connected to the Crusaders, but he knew that she was a threat. Or at least, she’d used to be. She chalks it up to him wanting to “keep his friends close, and his enemies closer” and eventually falls asleep.


    Cassie took a deep breath and walked down the hallway. Her head buzzed lightly — a hangover, if you could call it that.

    She paused at a door.

    Still there, engraved on it Twitch 


    Cassie took a step in.

    It was..sparse. Oddly sparse. Everything was a mess. It had been untouched by the renovations.

    Cassie stepped forward, and a crinkle of paper greeted her. She looked down, and picked it up.

    when it was established, the Bank of Jarlsjalfi employed many detailed traps to keep thieves out

    A sharp intake of breath. Cassie chewed the inside of her mouth, and the paper crinkled and burned as lightning sparked between her finger tips.

    All this time, the bastard had always been planning this. And everyone had defended him like he was some sort of victim.

    One day, he would pay, one way or another.



    Cassie returned from the mission, apprehensive to say the least. She was just so…exhausted.


    Why?! Why does he have to be so damn soft? I would NEVER let a soldier get away with behavior like that!

    Lin hurls herself onto her bed and nearly screams into her pillow.

    Still…Junie had a point. I’m like that around Orcs…but hey, I don’t automatically try to kill every Orc, right? Not a fan of Morketh, but ya don’t see me tryin’ to kill him. And I didn’t kill Vurlak, either. And I mean, I understand why she’s upset.

    Sighing, she rolls herself onto her back and stares up at the ceiling, letting an arm reach up for nothing in particular.

    Kid lost her whole family. I know what that’s like…man, I have a bad habit of talking to myself.

    The young woman lets her hand drop back to her side.


    Samuel returned to his room in a huff. While he hadn’t exactly asked to be king, he did wish that the powers that be would at least recognize him as one. He tossed his jacket on his bed and sat down at his desk. He glared balefully at the empty surface for a moment before standing up. As he left the room, he reached for his sword to find nothing. His hand twitched.

    Two weeks

    He left the room and derped down the hallway, heading for the common room.


    Cassie woke up, groggy. Her head buzzed a bit. It was…a hangover? Maybe? She didn’t really get those much, but she had been drinking last night, and she had drank a lot. Used up all the dwarvish ale she had taken home. Damn it– no. Darn it. She had been cursing way too much for a Paladin. She had to stop doing that.


    Fuck everything.


    It didn’t count if it was in dwarvish. And she only did it once. Surely. OK no more cheating. She had already disgraced herself in front of Heito Heiwa, lost a someone she had considered a good friend, and had basically in acting like an ungrateful b–…jerk.

    Blegh. Maybe she should just find some more ale, and drink the feelings away. That would be a good idea.


    Samuel chose a comfortable seat in the common room. He looked around the apparently deserted room. He grabbed a copy of the Kasinthian Times off the table, and proceeded to read.


    Cassie walked to the common room. Sam was there. She hadn’t really talked to him since the incident, since Juneau had undoubtedly informed the sometimes-second-in-command about the blood mage issue.


    Strange she didn’t seem to hold any bitterness to him, like she did with Juneau.


    He had done the exact same things.


    Samuel closed the paper, having read the cover story. He placed it back on the pile of Kasinthian Times. This he picked up, walked over to the fireplace, and nonchalantly dropped them in, burning the lot of them. He returned to his seat. At no point did he notice the dwarf.


    “So you read the article on the trial. Right?” Cassie asked bluntly.


    “If you could call it that,” said Samuel, “As I recall, the reporters were not present for most of the trial to begin with, so I don’t see how they have any grounds to report on it”

    He relaxed in his chair, and glanced casually at the dwarf.

    This ought to be lovely

    “How are you, Cassie?”


    “Just fine.” Cassie replied dryly, almost sarcastic. “Got word from the family, before I had returned, that the Crusaders seemed pretty dead set on making sure the murderer walked free.”


    “No, that was only me. Pretty sure even Niobe wanted them in a jail cell. Though, quite frankly, Juneau did a terrible job of arguing his point. I didn’t realize he wanted the Child to be sent to prison until after the trial.” Samuel spoke casually, as if he were discussing the weather as opposed to the murderer of Cassie’s parents.

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