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    "Yup," Zeyke agreed.


    Matarian lifts his eyebrows in a sort of shrug and drops the subject.

    "What is it?"


    "Well, I figured I kinda owed you an explanation as to why, beyond what I said in the Council. Also…" Zeyke glanced pointedly at the people around them, then back to Matarian.

    "I sent you a letter a day or two ((or however long it was)) ago. I was just wondering if you’d gotten it."


    Matarian glances around, and begins casually walking toward a side hallway where they might have a bit of privacy.

    "Yes, I did, and it was a good thing you sent it." he says as they walk, "And I know what happened in Sarenu, at least in a general sense. It is unfortunate that you were caught in the spell; is there any chance that you could be changed back?"


    Zeyke moved with him, careful not to look too relieved.

    "Ah…Well, there’s a little more to it." Now alone, Zeyke turned to Matarian, leaning casually against a wall.

    "Orynn had called us to Sarenu to get our help acquiring an Eldar Artifact. We never found the artifact. Instead we found Garl Glittergold, the god of trickery and gnomes. He was…erratic."

    "Anyway, it was he who turned the elves in Sarenu into gnomes. He also made Orynn his ‘guardian of the apple (long story),’ and tasked him with leading and teaching the new gnomes of their gnomish ways."

    "Now a god, I asked Orynn if he could turn people into other races, like Glittergold had done to us. He made Sam a gnome, for instance. Well, turns out he could, and I asked Orynn to turn me into a gnome. And before you ask, I didn’t really have a reason. I just felt like it." He shrugged and waited for Matarian to respond, trying to gauge his reaction.



    "Yes, quite well Archon. I do enjoy your political system. I perhaps should set up an equivalent on Ceres."

    Hyperion says


    "You… felt like it."

    Matarian shrugs. It was none of his concern, anyway.

    "Why are you telling me all this?"


    Zeyke frowned.

    “Now that you mention it…I’m not sure. I guess seeing your reaction in the Council Chambers made me want to…”

    explain myself.

    “…tell you.”

    Feeling decidedly uncomfortable, Zeyke decided to try to change the subject. “Well, that’s what I wanted to tell you. As for asking… Did you happen to find out anything? About Lionheart?”


    "Ah, yes." Matarian says, "It came up during Queen Lisette’s trial, though you weren’t there for that. Lionheart was a blood mage, and quite a powerful one. His entire family were known blood mages. On top of that, someone from the Lionheart family tried to assassinate me shortly after I took the throne of Famardy. We were able to add that man’s testimony to our evidence against the Lionhearts."



    "It’s annoyingly long and tedious, but it gets the job done, eventually." Manfred nodded to himself.


    Zeyke’s eyebrows shot up.


    He stayed silent for a moment as he thought.

    "Strong blood mages…a blood mage family…" His head dipped down. "Anything else?"


    Matarian shakes his head. "Not much. There seems to be evidence that he made a pact with the Dark Spirit, but you would know more about that than I. The would-be assassin is still in my dungeon, if you wish to question him."



    "Shall we go back to Bree, Archon?"

    Hyperion asks



    Manfred nods. "Yes…that would be good. I just need to take a nice long nap. Although is the teleporter here yet?"



    "There are several."

    Hyperion says, gesturing inside the teleporting station

Viewing 15 posts - 451 through 465 (of 472 total)

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