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    Queen Lisette stops sipping the wine from last decision. She appears to not be drunk. Good Lisette. Practice with Braidbeard helps hold down your alcohol.

    “I vote for the Arvir. It’s nice.”

    Or so it seems like she said. It’s unclear exactly what she said, but alcohol was definitely not the reason why her words may not be understandable. No. She was a proper Queen. She definitely said something along those lines and they were clear and understandable.



    Mchreil, Aldo, Matarian, Lisette, Samuel, HP for the Arvir

    Vishnak, Shige, Berista, Il’edan, Brother Hairyfoot against the Arvir

    Hofuthkorp remains neutral

    Manfred remains neutral with a recommendation of against.

    HP rises

    "The Arvir is now the official exchange currency of Keimin."

    He then pulls out an extremely large and long piece if parchment.

    "Finally, we now sign, officially ending the Fourth War of Keimin, with everything thus far agreed upon. To sign this is to re-enter the pact with the Organizational Council, as witnessed by the Elder Chamber."

    HP Hancocks the paper and then passes it around the room.



    Manfred signs it when it reaches him (after Samuel), and then slides it to Matarian.



    When the paper gets to him, he signs it, relieved to have all the politiking over with.



    Lisette dutifully signs when it reaches her


    Matarian signs.



    HP eventually gets it back

    "And upon the signing of all Council nations, I do declare the Fourth War of Keimin and the end of the Gathering of 777. We are all allowed to the cake in the next roomand everyone may go home."

    The Council members begin scrambling around for the Council Cake



    Manfred gives a whimpering sigh, and heads to a room to take a nap, and then begin the journey home.

    Hobbes writes "AND THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER" on the last empty inches of his paper, patted the Complainer’s head, and began to head out.



    Hyperion follows King Manfred



    Samuel sighs deeply before standing. He doesn’t move for the cake, instead moving to the hall outside the council chambers. He considers returning to Bawerstrom, but the Crusaders would be returning tomorrow. No point in making the trip. He’d just wait in here again. 



    Manfred gives a weary smile to Hyperion. "Well, everything worked out quite well, if I do say so myself."


    Zeyke woke with a start when people began filing out of the room. He gave a cheery wave to Samuel (and a nod to Lisette once she leaves) and continued to wait for Matarian.


    Matarian stands and looks around the room once more. He throws his coat over his shoulders and leaves the chamber, declining the offer of cake.


    Zeyke crossed the room to Matarian, gesturing to get his attention as he did so.


    Matarian sees Zeyke waving to him, and goes over.

    "…You’re a gnome." he says, by way of greeting.

Viewing 15 posts - 436 through 450 (of 472 total)

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