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    Matarian lifts his eyebrows in surprise.

    Bawerstrom has finally shown itself, has it?

    This is a good sign. He hopes.

    Though a bit late to help with the war, to be sure.



    Elder Cupboard rises, with a very very weird expression on his face

    "The vote…is tied."

    He laughs

    "In this unprecedented vote… I, as the longest standing Elder on the Council, get to make the decision of what to do with Berista."

    A very joyous expression crosses his face, with a weird tinge to it

    "I choose that we declare w-"


    Matarian couldn’t possibly mistake the expression on Cupboard’s face; he’d seen Olad wear it far too many times.

    Spirits help us.

    “Elder Cupboard!” he interrupts, “We were discussing reparations, not renewing hostilities against Berista. Tied vote or not, the power to declare war lies with the Elder Chamber as a whole.”



    Elder Cupboard glares at the one who interrupts

    "The premise of this meeting is to know if we are going to end hostilities with the NEA or not. The vote is tied in both the Elder and Royal Chambers. Therefore I, as senior member of the Council, get to make the decision. No one would argue that I am incompetent at my job or wouldnt want what is best for Keimin."



    "Tell us your decision, Elder Cupboard." Manfred asked quietly, suddenly mortified, wondering what Cupboard would do when the decision lay solely on his shoulders…

    Cupboard was a good man, Manfred never had any doubt of that, but they didn’t always agree when it came to politics…

    "You made your vote, Matarian. Either change your vote, or accept the consequences, like a good King."


    Change my vote? And let them all think that he was a weak man to be pushed around by threats? No.

    “I move for a vote of no confidence in Elder Cupboard.”



    Manfred said nothing, for he had complete confidence in his own elder. He could not help but quirk a dark smile. It would seem the Famardian King did not enjoy not getting his own way.



    Elder Cupboard sneers at Matarian.

    "Does anyone second the motion?"

    Council members look to each other, and then at Matarian

    Mchreil of Jarlsjalfi rises


    "Then Brees platform is on the table for incompetency, as the Breean throne chooses their Elder. Does anyone have any incompetency claims they wish to file against King Manfred and thereby myself?"

    Elder Cupboard then smiles friendly at Manfred, if it a bit forced.


    Matarian takes a deep breath. He hadn’t intended to pull Manfred into this, but leave it to Cupboard to twist his words around against him.

    “Elder Cupboard’s desire to resume hostilities against Berista would plunge Keimin back into war at a time when we must be concerned with rebuilding. I do not doubt that the combined forces of the Council nations could defeat Berista, but it is a very strong nation; it is also possible that it could rally other nations to its cause, if we are the clear aggressors. Keimin would face a Fifth War right on the heels of the Fourth. With this decision, Elder Cupboard has displayed a lack of judgment and temperance which, if unchecked, could be disastrous. I move to declare that Elder Cupboard is unfit for his position on the grounds of…”

    Matarian bites his tongue on the word madness. He must not push too far; and his own associations with the Mad King might be used against him in that case.




    Manfred snorted. "And yet making them ostracized and forced to pay all the damages would not have any effect on their relationship with the country? Perhaps you’re better off sticking with a more friendly means, if you’re afraid of war."

    However, Manfred had been made rather uncomfortable by what Cupboard had said. He really didn’t want to be told about his incompetency. His temperament just was not in the right place to deal with that annoying problem.


    Give up, Manfred; you won’t influence my vote.

    “Royals: your decisions?”



    Manfred says nothing.



    King Aldo rises

    "Insufficient evidence has been brought against Manfred for the appointing of Cupboard. Kasinthia votes no removal."

    King Shige stands

    "It is better to have a halfling than an elf elder."

    Dollthel rises with a dark look at Shige

    "Exbaltaira has been directed to seek the removal of Elder Cupboard. Exbaltaira votes removal."

    HP rises

    "Elder Cupboard sent the Crusaders to save Vox, the location of the first divine attack. He forsaw this conflict of the gods. He is not senile, but wise. I vote to keep him."

    Mchreil rises

    "Cupboard has done nothing to inform me that he isnt senile. I vote removal."

    Hofuthkorp rises

    "The Council does not recognize the existence of Cupboards stability. He demonstrated extreme incompetence at the Southern Coalition. I vote removal."

    Aoife rises

    "I hold no opinion on Elder Cupboard, but my husband spoke highly of him. I vote for him to stay."

    Vishnak rises

    "Removal. Kelta however recommends that Bree be allowed to choose another Elder, in light of the NEA attacks, and the Isles still not represented by an Elder."



    "I will not remove my own elder." Manfred says. "Elder Cupboard has been my elder for a very long time, and I will not remove him simply because I disagree with some of his policies. It would be disrespectful."


    "Elder Cupboard has served this Council and this continent well and faithfully for many years, and he is not to be blamed for the infirmity those years have brought. However, for the good of Keimin, I must vote for his removal."

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