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    Denethor looks out at the construction going on in the Council territory. He sighs and walks towards the teleportation zone, a safe and contained area made post war.

    The zone is located in a small, cramped, rigged to explode building, aways away from the Council building and the prison complex being built. Denethor looks at thebuilding and thinks to himself

    (At least I got this past Elder Cupboard… After the monarchs were attacked, this zone is needed for emergencies.)

    He stands in the room, waiting for the monarchs of the Southern Coalition.

    And waiting…



    King Shige teleports in, stumbles slightly, white beard fluffing. He smooths it down, just as King Aldo is teleported in, standing tall. His teleporter escorts him out of theroom, Denethor directing Shige. Next, Hofuthkorp of Maekive is teleported in, and a short dwarf, wearing the Bank of Jarlsjalfi symbol.

    King Manfred is teleported in.

    Representative Vishnak enters.

    High Progressor Stumpstack arrives.

    Someone from Famardy comes.

    And the only NEA nation on this first day of two of negotiations, Dollthel of the Seven Sisters of Exbaltaira arrives. Denethor carries her hand to the Council Chambers, guiding everyone to the meeing place.



    Everybody sits around the table. The Elders sit at a table high above the others, on the far side of the room. The Royal table opens up towards the Elders.

    Elder Cupboard sits in the center, looking eager…

    Denethor bows out, after passing out the Council’s agenda for the day.

    Elder Cupboard clears his throat.

    "In honor of Calantha, the bulwark against the North, we Elders nominate High Progressor Stumpstack as Director of this day’s Gathering. "

    "I accept!"

    HP says with authority



    Elder Cupboard nods to HP, before saying

    "Those not here with us today should be in attendance tomorrow. Pending on todays negotiations. "

    Bows off to HP.

    HP looks at the agenda

    "Firstly, we must discuss the fate of the NEA nations. Exbaltaira has already been readded, as per the peace treaty signed at the closing of the war, agreed to by King Samuel of the Crusaders and of Exbaltaira. Let us discuss Sarenu first. Sarenu is now a Republic. Shall we take them back, now that they have a solid government? "

    Elder Cupboard goes first

    "It is my opinion that a republic is a threat to every monarchy across Keimin. What is next, they come for our nation’s crowns too? Metaphorically in some cases."

    Nods to HP and Leader Hofuthkorp.


    Matarian (being the "someone from Famardy") frowns. "Calantha is now a theocracy, and there were no objections to that. I see no reason to keep Sarenu from the Council based only on their system of government."



    Manfred said nothing, but smiled pleasantly, very much destressed from the lack of war. He had a tin with him, with something in it that did not appear to be cookies.



    "The difference being that our esteemed colleague from Calantha has stability. Something Calantha has almost always had. Unlike Sarenu, prone to radicalism. That is, after all, where two of the most heinous war crimes have taken place. The genocide of the gnomes, and the use of Eldar weaponry to transform a third of the nation into gnomes, against their free will."

    Elder Cupboard clears his throat

    "And this is why I motion to not add Sarenu to the Council, and to put a warrant out for Ch’taia Estel’s immediate trial for war crimes against the Elvish race. The death of the Beristan Queen must also be answered. A newspaper article does not suffice as truth."

    5 Elders nod in agreement. The other 6 shake their heads and mutter between themselves.


    Matarian rubs his temples. He’s tired of this man already; and tired in general, as the dark circles under his eyes attest.



    Manfred groans. Ch’taia, the nice elvish lady who spoke at the previous meeting? Fickle, Cupboard. Really fickle.


    The SarenĂº government was…representative based…

    Oh crap, Hyperion!

    “Wait now, Elder Cupboard, that is a bit rash to classify such a government as detrimental don’t you think? Kasinthia itself holds elections!”



    "As the Elders have reached a split vote on ALL the NEA nations, it is up to the royal Chamber to decide their fates."

    Elder Cupboard says, glaring daggers at the 6 who oppose him. They avert their eyes.

    HP rises.

    "I agree with King Matarian. A Republic, from what I understand, is no more likely to go to war than Kasinthia is. And one country will not succeed, as demonstrated by this past war."

    Leader Hofuthkorp rises as HP sits

    "Maekive sides with Calantha."

    King Shige rises

    "Okime agrees with Elder Cupboard. Ch’taia was number 7 on Keimin’s most wanted. A criminal organization rules Sarenu, hoodwinking its people. At least with Norven, you knew where you stood."

    Vishnak rises

    "Kelta will not pursue charges against Ch’taia, and we do wish for Sarenu to rejoin us at this table. But…we do agree with Okime on one thing-the Council must speak with Ch’taia."

    King Aldo rises

    "Ch’taia Estel has Kasinthia’s full support. Those who do not support Sarenu or her elected officials are not Kasinthia’s ally. We will refuse all trade."

    Jarlsjalfi quickly rises, giving Aldo a quick look

    "We back Kasinthia."

    Elder Cupboard’s eyes bulge at Jarlsjalfi’s words, but he remains silent

    Shige throws up his hands


    Several Elders roll their eyes

    "We bow to Jarlsjalfi’s…ultimatum."

    Shige seethes

    Elder Cupboard then says, in a controlled voice

    "Does anyone else have anything to add?"


    Matarian raises his hand. "I vote in favor of allowing the new Sarenu into the Council." he says simply.



    Manfred raises his hand.

    “Let us be peaceful, allow the new SarenĂº in the Council!”



    Sarenu rejoins the Council.

    HP stands up

    "Next is the allowance of Berista."

    Elder Cupboard rises

    "Berista benefited greatly from this war. Bawerstrom has been destroyed. Berista now has the largest navy in Keimin…and is 30 times larger than the second largest-Famardy. Berista is THE largest elvish nation. If we want this war to never happen again, I vote we punish Berista. We set terms for their return."


    Now there was something Matarian could agree with, if not quite for the same reasons.

    "I agree with Elder Cupboard." he states, "Berista should have to pay reparations to the Council territories, as Exbaltaira does. The nations of the Northern Elvish Alliance joined together against us, therefore they should all be held accountable."



    Dollthel rises for the first time. A rather plain looking elf, she has a reputation for shrewdness in politics. She walks over to Matarian, placing her hand on his chair.

    "King Matarian, the elvish people have payed their penance. Exbaltaira even has a reserve set aside for Bawerstrom. Berista itself was host to a massive civil war, bloodier than any civil war in history, save Sarenu. The King is a child. He was manipulated into the war by my brother. I don’t think Berista should be punished any more than we should punish the South for slaughtering the captured soldiers of Exbaltaira’s. Your POW’s rioted, as they were trained to do. And so they were killed, despite it being in clear violation of Council POW law."

    She addresses the entire room

    "Do not forget. We are people too. The use of Eldar weaponry was outlawed by the Council, yet the South used such magic in Calantha."

    Dollthel strides gloriously around the room towards her seat.

    "I vote Berista back into the Council."

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