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    Astral calls Garalick into his room, the Lupus seating himself on his bed while he offers the crusader his free chair.

    “Thank’s for meeting me, I’ve heard you voice some interest in a position in the chain of command, specifically to be my marshal. I’m going to need to ask you quite a bit so I hope you’re ready for that. If not, you’re free to leave whenever you wish, but I have to feel out if I can trust you or not.”

    Garalick KoP
    Garalick KoP

    Garalick sits down in a nonchalant manner.

    “Of course sir.”


    “Good to hear. First I believe proper introductions are in order. excuse the formality.”

    The Lupus extended his hand, waiting for it to be shook.

    “My name is Astral Moonbeam, eight years of age, Lupus and current acting General of the Crusaders, and you?”

    Garalick KoP
    Garalick KoP

    Graralick extends hi hand to shake Astral’s.

    “And I am Garalick, son of Alfred and Mika, thirty-four, born and raised in the capital of Kasinthia. I was once a mailman, but am now a Crusader of the Convergence, and Knight.


    Astral retracts his hand and nods slowly, crossing his arms before he speaks again.

    “Now, although I do not currently fear any of our active crusaders that doesn’t mean I trust them all. Whatever we say in this room stays and if any of it is leaked out you will be the one to face the consequences. If we are to be in the command together, and you my marshal, trust and respect must be earned. Now, why are you a crusader? Or why do you think you’re one.”

    Garalick KoP
    Garalick KoP

    Garalick nods.

    “Sounds fair. Anyway, I’m mostly here for the steady work. When I lived at home, I didn’t have any practical skills, which is way I was delivering messages for a living. I mean,it was pretty useless for anyone to pay me, so I mostly got crazy old people who didn’t trust animals for one reason or another.”

    He shifts a little uncomfortable.

    “Than, I found a dead woman in armor. She was well outside the city, and a bit off the beaten path, but it still seemed odd no one had seen the body. Having taken her armor might seem like it was kind of a sick thing to do, but it all felt too much like destiny. I had been thinking for a while about how I need to get out of here and do something, the Crusaders had been through the city recently due t the sky being ripped open, and the armor was all adorned in the symbols of the Light Spirit! that’s the god I’d been raised one, so I felt like I must have been directed there or… Something”

    The human shifts back to a more comfortable position.

    “Anyway, it’s no big secrete that the crusaders are kind of hap haphazardly organized, and do minile background checks, so I figured no one would question it if I show up and say I’m a Knight. and in fact, no one did! So now I finale had a steady job, could send my parents some money, and wasn’t being told I was useless all the time!”


    “So you capitalized on the fact that the council is unorganized and left it to luck that you would go on so long without being discovered…I don’t know whether to call you blessed or a fool”

    The Lupus said with a chuckle, coughing as he straightened himself out, looking tense.

    “So, on that topic I have to ask just to clarify. The only reason you lied was so that you could get away from your old profession? I need no secrets between us if we are to go on communicating so I must know you wouldn’t lie to me or a higher up, and trust me, I’ll know if its false or not”

    He said as the ring on his finger glimmered.

    Garalick KoP
    Garalick KoP

    Garalick shrugs.

    “That’s the gist of it. But I was also really into the whole ‘Heroic Destiny’ thing at the time. I didn’t just have a job that paid poorly, I had a job that fractions of a soul were doing. My life was was the most superfluous thing, not having any bearing on anything. But suddenly the universe grants me the perfect chance to become a Crusader of the Council! One of the mighty heroes who roams the world seeking justice! Sure, their not very prestigious, but any sort of traveling army for good was better than running around the city passing notes.”

    He slumps a little frowns ever so slightly.

    “But over the course of last year, I realized that my delusions of grandeur were just that: delusions. we were doing huge things, more impotent then I’d ever expected, but it didn’t feel like that. People would hardly give us the time of day for what we did, let alone celebrate our achievements. On top of that, the noble band of warriors wasn’t much to wright home about ether. drunks, former war criminal, adults with the mindset of children. Topping it all off, we were being run but a mad immortal who, as it turns out, has been secretly perpetuating all the problems we were risking our lives to fix, all or fun.”

    The man leans forward, making eye contact

    “I realize now that the well paying job is the only thing I get out of this. we’re not heroes that get rose petal parades, we’re a rag-tag group of cosmic level maintenance people. Now that I realize that, I can put my mind to being the best damn cosmic maintenance man I can be.”


    “Cosmic maintenance man?”

    The Lupus chuckled a bit, breaking face as he looked at the human.

    “Well five minutes in and I atleast appreciate your sense of humor. However, I understand your sentiment, the Crusaders were pained in a different picture when I first arrived, but being among the madness made me realize our lives aren’t too different from what I was already use to. You see Garalick everyday we live in a grand war and every small skirmish counts where it falls on the shoulders of the command to ensure as little casualties occur as possible for our side, with none being the perfect world outcome.”

    Astral shifted in his seat a bit, showing some discomfort.

    “I’m sure you remember that I once let a man die on a mission I ran…it was from a combination of my inexperience and rash decision making that that came about, however the mission ran smoothly aside from that and I stand by that decision. But enough with the past, tell me some more about yourself, I know you use a sword and shield rather well, I myself prefer a mixture of dodging and my blade. What skills do you possess? Are you a smith with all of that armor? Or perhaps a hunter tracker? I am a novice hunter and a well trained field medic.”

    Garalick KoP
    Garalick KoP

    Garalick laughs.

    “Smith might have been a good choice, but by trade I’m a pretty good apothecary. I picked up the skills while first traveling to the council, as anyone would start recognizing the plants it is and isn’t stafe to eat along the way.”


    “Apothecary huh? I’ve found myself to be a bit of an herbalist and a gardener, maybe we could take a hike together some time to enjoy the flora.”

    The Lupus smiled big, his tail thumping gently behind him before slowing to a halt.

    “Now I also need to know your opinions on leadership as it stands. How do you feel of me as your general? As Rosalie your commander? Prophet as the other marshal and so forth. If you have any direct complaints now would be the time to air them out so that they don’t hinder our cooperation later down the line. Personally, your lie aside, I have seen you be just on the battlefield and try your hardest to keep the peace, I can respect that.”

    Garalick KoP
    Garalick KoP

    “Thanks. I could show you were I’ve been picking my plants. There’s a practically unnatural diversity of shrubs and grasses on council grounds, which is helpful.”

    Garalick knits his fingers a twiddles his thumbs.

    “As for leadership, I do admit there’s been some animosity between me and Prophet. He’s always seemed really rash, and his constant preaching gets on my nerve, especially since a few people seem to end up his followers. I’ve even directly argued with him once or twice. But I like to think that that’s getting better. He certainly seems to be more of a team player than when we started, and he;s not abusing his power to try and shove his Drowned god on us, or anything of the sort. You and Rosalie have done a fine job, keeping us in cheek, and utilizing your resources to keep us safe.”


    “That’s a wonderful idea! Prophet is…definitely doing his best and has his views and sticks to them, although he can seem overwhelming he really is just trying to his best at all times and do what he can. As for me and Rosalie I thank you for your words, I know both of us can come off as harsh at times, the switch in command was rather sudden and didn’t leave us much time to get acquainted with everyone before the convergence occurred. If at all you ever feel the need to please voice your opinion and let us know if we or anyone else is falling way out of line. So, also tell me of your allies, among the crusaders who would you say you are friends with? And I mean the individuals you would trust most out of the lot. Personally Rosalie, Ashlyn and Fiana are three I hold dear, and you Garalick?”

    Garalick KoP
    Garalick KoP

    “Well, I suppose Balthazar and I are close, not that I trust him much. I’m fond of Zander, though he seems indifferent to most everyone. Olwen and I are good friends. Hell, when I confessed to him, that I wasn’t actually a knight, he knighted me.”

    Garalick shrugs in a somewhat exaggerated manor.

    “Apparently his position with Arcas gives him that authority.”


    “As a marshal you must be able to put aside your differences with other crusaders and not show favoritism towards the ones that you do care about, you must become something more than yourself…I must admit its something even I am still learning how to do and it’s not easy. However, it must be done because if not then the well being of the group destabilizes and will fall apart from the top down.”

    The Lupus moved over to his window and propped it open, letting a cool breeze blow in.

    “Sorry, just a little stuffy…but this provides another question. You have told me of your knighthood but is there anything more you wish to learn about in regards to combat? Or perhaps with your religion? Rosalie has recently joined the druids and I may one day seek counsel with The Mother to be her champion, yet that will be up to her choosing. What I’m saying is, where do you see your future going?”

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