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March 25, 2009

YE KASINTHIAN TIMES 18th Day of the June Moon of the Year 773

Posted by Sparrow/Druku/Samuel


His Majesty, King Maenír has ordered the Ko’ebbian Border Patrol to conduct more rigorous inspections of all trade products entering the Kingdom. The searches, which began on Tuesday, are starting to show effects on the Ko’ebbian population.

Trade products being imported from East and West Farthing, Bree and Okimé have been reduced. According to this morning’s numbers, there has been a decrease of approximately 26% in import revenue from these four kingdoms to Ko’ebbe. Kasinthia’s imports have gotten the largest cuts—about 40% of merchandise has been returned to Kasinthia.

The Ko’ebbian Border Patrol has dropped all previous leniencies in regards to black market trading. Seventeen arrests of Kasinthians trafficking illegal materials have been made since Tuesday. Twenty-eight persons have disappeared on or near the border, twenty-one of them confirmed to be Ko’ebbians, four from Kasinthia and three from the Farthings. Both King Maenír and Princess Runae have said nothing in regards to the arrests or disappearances.

While the impact hasn’t hit the Ko’ebbian streets yet, the future looks bleak. “There simply isn’t enough food to go around,” says Agathor Gemspike, a specialist in the international economy. “It’ll start taking a toll on Ko’ebbians within the next week. They’ll see it in their empty marketplaces.”

The trade control may have an effect on the Ko’ebbian diet, as well. “Ko’ebbians aren’t large consumers of meat and they grow a fair amount of produce but about 70% of their grain is imported from the Farthings and Kasinthia,” says Gemspike.

The changes have caused a dip in the Kasinthian economy and an increase in Ko’ebbe’s. “Elves are willing to pay increased prices for hard-to-attain imports, such as potatoes and turnips from East Farthing or bread from Kasinthia.” Gemspike theorizes that Ko’ebbians will not complain from a strengthening economy until it is too late. “On the average, they can afford the increase in prices from outside the Kingdom. That’s only temporary. Soon, the lack of staples such as bread, butter, milk and eggs will become a much more present threat than a dipping stock market.”

As of last Monday, the Ko’ebbian unit of currency, the Ebb, was priced at 1¾ Arvirs to 1 Ebb. Today, the ratio is just over 2 Arvirs to 1 Ebb. “The value of the Ebb is rising quickly,” says Torth Kraspe, an economist for the Kasinthian Bank. “If the strict regulations at Border Patrol aren’t lifted, the Ebb will continue to increase in the market until further changes in international trade agreements are made, putting Ko’ebbe at great risk for a complete economic crash in the future.”

His Royal Majesty, King Aldo addressed the Kasinthian Economic Committee yesterday evening, acknowledging that the arrests and the decrease in exports have put tensions on Kasinthians. “I assure My kingdom that the drop in the Arvir’s value is only temporary,” He told the Committee. “The Arvir will regain its strength and then some once our Foreign Relations Department is finally successful in sorting the issue out with His Majesty, King Maenír of Ko’ebbe.”

King Aldo Theodore has urged His public to assure that their traveling papers are up-to-date to avoid problems at the Ko’ebbian border. He also asked us to warn our readers of the dangers of trafficking illegal items, a list of which can be found at the Kasinthian Town Hall in the capital city of Kasinthia.



Commander Ch’taia Estel of the Crusaders of the Crown was found dead at four hours, three minutes past sunrise this morning in her quarters in the West Wing of the Royal Palace. She appears to have committed suicide by poison ingestion.

Estel was found by one of the Crusaders of the Crown, Master Juneau Solace, whom was taken to a mandatory interrogation at the Office of Investigation shortly following the incident. Solace refused to comment on the matter.

Infamous for her colorful past, Estel’s acts of terrorism in Sarenú were pardoned by His Royal Majesty, the Benevolent King Aldo Theodore after Estel was attacked by three Second Division soldiers of the Kasinthian Army upon her entrance into Kasinthia. The accusation went public two months ago following Ms. Estel’s last arrest. A topic of controversy, Estel’s past as an Ilvanya Ohtar, or Injustice Fighter, has made many uncomfortable, to say the least. Estel was permanently expelled from Sarenú following the attack on the Sarenúian Royal Castle in the April Moon of 771. Approximately two dozen were killed in the attack, including the late Vizier to His Majesty, King Norven, Master Telgrethor Palestra, whom died by Ms. Estel’s blade. Among the Injustice Fighters killed that day was Estel’s groom-to-be, Master Malithres Nimgalen Malstor.

Around a dozen Sarenúians have gathered in front of the Royal Castle in Laineth to protest King Norven’s refusal to grant Estel a pardon in her memory. Many of the protesters have been confirmed to be Injustice Fighters. Sources say that King Norven has called Estel’s death a “sigh of relief” for His Royal Court.

Ms. Estel completed her last will and testament two nights ago at the law office of Telgrith Sarpor in the Capital City. It was read this morning at five hours past sunrise in the presence of the Royal Palace Judicial Court and the Selective Board, the latter of which included many of Estel’s former colleagues. Estel announced her retirement from the Board during the hearing for her last arrest this April Moon.

“Her decision to quit the Selective Board was not recommended, despite popular beliefs,” says Dianthe Mandrepilias, whom has been a Member of the Board for three years. “It was against the will of the King that she resigned her title. It was as much of a shock to us as it was to the rest of the Palace staff. I cannot say whether she would have been fired following the hearing or not. It would not have been the Board’s decision.”

We asked Matthew Bento, who is currently serving his seventh year on the Selective Board, about Ms. Estel’s behavior. “She never showed any signs of depression but she’s always been rather introverted in regards to her personal life,” says Bento. “I can’t say I really knew anything about her. She may have been planning her death for quite some time and wished to seize the opportunity at her hearing to leave her position on the Board. I speak on behalf of the Selective Board when I say we’re very sad with this tragic turn of events.”

Ms. Estel’s will states that she wishes for all of her personal belongings, including her account in the Kasinthian Bank holding upwards of sixteen-thousand Arvirs, be given to Ms. Nella Glave, a Halfling West-Farthinger whom has been a Crusader for over a year.

She has also stated that it is her last wish that Her Highness, Princess Lissette of Bawerstrom be seriously considered for the position of Commander of the Crusaders of the Crown. While the Selective Board and the Department of Domestic Affairs have the task of choosing the new Commander, a position which has previously only been filled by Estel, King Aldo has the final word.

“I was surprised at first when she hadn’t suggested Master Juneau Solace, whom had filled the position of General during Estel’s last imprisonment, but then it made sense—this will undoubtedly aid in healing the wound we’ve inflicted upon Bawerstrom,” says Mandrepilias.

A candlelight vigil, followed by a traditional Sarenúian funeral, will commence this evening at two hours past sunset in the Borian Plaza.




Ú-reniathach i amar galen i reniad lín ne môr, nuithannen. Ilfirin nairelma nauva i nauva ilfirin nairelma ar ullume nucuvalme nauva i nauva melme nóren sina nairelma.

Corma turien te, corma tuvien, corma tultien te Huines se nutien.

A Bereth thar Ennui Aeair, “Calad ammen i reniar mi ‘aladhremmin ennorath.” A elbereth gilthoniel i chin a thûl lín míriel. Tinúviel elvanui elleth alfirin edhelhael o hon ring finnil fuinui a renc gelebrin thiliol.

Tercáno nuruva tuvien corma tultien te huinesse nutien corma turien te corma. O môr henion i dhû: ely siriar, êl síla. Ai aníron undómiel. Tiro Él eria e môr i ‘lîr en êl luitha ‘úren ai aníron. In gwidh ristennin, i fae narchannen i lach anor ed ardhon gwannen. Mithrandir, Mithrandir a randir vithren.

Cuiva olórin nárendur tira nottolya tulta tuolya an mauya mahtie. Ter oiomornie, Ter ondicilyar mettanna nurunna. Ú i vethed nâ i onnad. Si boe ú-dhanna. Ae ú-esteli, esteliach nad. “Estelio han, estelio han, estelio, estelio han, estelio veleth.” Ú i vethed nâ i onnad. Nâ boe ú i. [Es]teliach nad, estelio han. Naur vi eryn, lanc i dalaf.

Mathach vi geven, nostach vi ‘wilith? Máb le i nagor, bád gurth vi ngalad firiel. Dorthach vi mar han dagrathach go hain.


Following last week’s massacre in Tenmaki Square, during which approximately thirty Okiméns living in the Keltan territory of Okimé were violently murdered by Keltan soldiers, there has been an increase in protests all over Okimé. Not all have been successful—two Okiméns were beaten to death by Keltan soldiers this morning for attempting to give public anti-Keltan rule speeches. Seven more were sent to the Tayasho Hospital for assisting the public speakers. Four Okiméns were badly burnt yesterday morning for refusing to show personal identification papers to Keltan soldiers. The death toll for demonstrators in Keltan- Okimén territory for this past calendar week has risen to thirty-five.

However, not all demonstrations have been in vain. Over a thousand people gathered last night for peaceful protest of Keltan rule at four hours past sunset in Suzuka Park, located in the Eastern Province of the Keltan-Okimén territory. The protest was not interrupted; however, roughly 350 Keltan soldiers began marching through the crowd at five hours past sunset. Zero persons were harmed.

These peaceful protests may not yield immediate results, but they are certainly receiving attention from the Organizational Council. The OC has already sent two Freedom Mediator squads to the Keltan-Okimén territory within as many Moons. Sources say they are planning to send a third.

“We hope this gesture will aid in calming the political situation in Okimé,” said Pippen Blacksmith, one of the Elders of the Organizational Council.



– any purchase of a pint or pitcher of Kassie Ale, Maiden Brewed Mead or the Mystery Beer on tap, OR

– a two-hour time block with any of the following Blissful lassies: Kandi, Chastity, Molten Magatha, Nella, Tiffani, Rygersh’ateix and Sandy



Generous, single white Human Male seeking sweetheart

I’m looking for an attractive Human lady with a slim to average build who may be in need of some extra Arvirs and would appreciate my generosity. This could turn into not only a mutually rewarding relationship, but a loving one, with time. Sorry, Gnomes need not apply.


Honest, strong man available for full-time work

Specialty is housework: able to construct houses according to blueprint, paint exteriors and magically tend to gardens.


Halfling man seeks Orcish woman for an erotic night and a hospital visit

Must be willing to accompany me to the hospital afterwards… the hospital bill is your fault!


For more information, contact Shwertha at the Kasinthian Times Headquarters on the corner of Freedom St and Namus Ave, downtown Kasinthia.

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