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April 8, 2009

The State of the Economy

Posted by Sparrow/Druku/Samuel

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Presented here are the comings and goings of Keimin’s economy, as observed by economic advisers to the King of Bawerstrom and Maekive. As you may have heard, I have recently moved my headquarters to Bawerstrom, and am now working with the backing of the Bawerstromian economic advisor, Lord Wellington II. This report shows estimated numbers, and does not include the NEA in its calculations. This is also an updated report, specifically on the economy, of my State of Keimin article.

Northern Elvish Alliance- the economy appears to be strong between Exbaltaira, Sarenú, and Ko’ebbe. The merchant ships have been disappearing in the Teardrop Isles, cutting down trade with Sarenú. Exbaltaira considered having its navy support the merchant ships, but rumors of mermaids have put these plans on hold. Ko’ebbe appears to becoming more and more like simply a colony to Exbaltaira since signing an open trading agreement. Ko’ebbian rulers appear to not be taking steps to avoid this-maybe they are unaware. Sarenu’s economy is slightly decreasing as a response to the inability to ship goods over sea, but continues to be strong, as its main source of revenue had always been through land trade. The Northern Elvish Alliance has now increased tariffs on all foreign goods, except for those from Berista.

Berista- The merchant fleet, backed by the growing navy, has increased trade with all coastal kingdoms. Trade through the Teardrop Isles area is limited, but appears to not be as attacked by pirates, or purported mermaids. The Beristan economy has expanded thoroughly and is now estimated to be 20% of the Keimin economy.

Bawerstrom- Keimin’s strongest economy. It has the largest amount of exported goods, and its merchant fleet has increased dramatically, although it still is only half of what Berista’s merchant fleet is. Recent trade deals with Kasinthia have empowered the Bawerstromian economy and influence in the country. Okime is receiving goods and aid from Bawerstrom, at reduced costs. Lord Wellington II is opening up trade with Jarlsjalfi, a venture originally thought impossible, but is now a very real occurrence. The leatherworking industry and iron ore industry are the largest in Keimin. Bawerstrom seems to have fully recovered from the devastating Winter Wars, and is reaching an economic Golden Age, due to the quick thinking and influence of one Lord Wellington II, and the power of the Crown, His Majesty King Aglovale. The Bawerstromian economy is estimated to make up 25% of the Keimin economy.

Jarlsjalfi- The Bank of Jarlsjalfi is the strongest in the world. It is given full support by the Council, and is disconnected from the Jarlsjalfian government, but the government does hold a lot of influence. The Jarlsjalfian economy is not the strongest in terms of Keimin, but the relationship between Jarlsjalfi and Maekive is a strong one, and has probably always been one, considering that they were once one country for a short while. Jarlsjalfi has become the lending capital of Keimin, and backs all of Keimin’s different currencies. Jarlsjalfi also protects the Council land, and is given money from the Council for this service, along with Kelta. The Jarlsjalfian economy is estimated to make up 10% of the Keimin economy, but makes up 50% of trade with Maekive.

Maekive- The mining and crafting of special jewels has been suffering in terms of economy as of late, due to the threats of outbreak of war from the North and the Keltan War in the South. The weapons industry has seen a rise. It has always been ironic, yet fitting, for Maekive to be the weapons dealer of Keimin, considering Maekive’s neutrality. Weapons trade has increased with Kasinthia, Bawerstrom, Berista, East Farthing, and surprisingly Calantha. This has raised the always modest economy of Maekive to 10% of the Keimin economy, yet continues to make up 50% of the trade with Jarlsjalfi.

East Farthing- Never big on the Keimin stage. Military movements have required an increased amount of trade with Maekive. A tax on all goods passing through East Farthing sustains its economy. This tax has usually driven trade away from East Farthing, but it now has its advantages because Sarenú now is limited to land trade, and must pass through East Farthing. Estimated 2% of the Keimin economy.
West Farthing- The richer Farthing, it still is limited in its economy. Since all trade with the NEA stopped due to the NEA refusing to trade with non-Elvish nations, the economy has taken a blow. And the pirates from the north have always limited sea trade, but now the sea trade is almost non-existent. The Bank of Jarlsjalfi had to bail West Farthing out during a particularly bad time, and is paying back its debts slowly. West Farthing makes up an estimated 3% of the Keimin economy.

Kelta- Keimin’s source of mercenariesfor hire and war strategists. Kelta has a very powerful military, and is self-sufficient. Since taking over and establishing a colony known to the Orcs as Ngoraudhowxa , but to Okime, it is known as the “occupied territory”, colloquially it is called Orkime, it has seen an increase of trade. Whether they like it or not, Okime’s economy is directly linked to Kelta’s economy. Granted, overall as Kelta’s economy has increased, Okime’s has collapsed, the slight reverberations in Keltan economy impact Okime’s. If Kelta rises slightly, so does Okime, due to the “occupied territory’s” revenue. Both Keltan military and mercenary forces are working to protect the Council land, and is paid by the Council, all Council-members willingly or not, to protect it. It is estimated to make up 10% of the Keimin economy.

Okime- Hit hard in the War of Resistance, as it is known in Okime, but since Kelta’s recent invasions it is known as the Keltan War by everyone else. Okime’s prime place of revenue comes from the occupied territory, and its economy is crashing due to the recent turn of events with Kelta taking the advantage fully in the territory. Okime’s currency is now backed by the Bank of Jarlsjalfi, and Okime is receiving aid from Bawerstrom, keeping its very fragile economy from completely collapsing. It is estimated to make up roughly 2% of the Keimin economy.

Special Note- Orkime/Ngoraudhowxa/”Occupied territory”- The second largest armory is located here, with a large weapons factory. This is what the Keltans and Okimeans each seek to control.

Kasinthia- The recent invasion of the capital has plummeted the economy and news about the Minister of War’s death have scared investors away. Kasinthia, who banished their fabled Crusaders of the Crown, now makes up only 7% of the Keimin economy.

Calantha- Calantha’s recent famine has hit this technologically advanced nation hard. The western portion of the country is collapsing, and many Halflings are moving to the east. The Bank of Jarlsjalfi is backing the economy, and is currently bailing out the bankrupt capital, Forsythia, which is located in the west. Aid from Maekive is helping sustain the economy, and keeping the eastern Calanthans from starving. Lord Wellington II has recently brokered a deal with the Calanthan government, with permission of King Aglovale, to expand the iron ore industry into the small amount of Uhma Mountains that extend into Calantha, in exchange for lowered tariffs and a promise to aid the bailout program of Calantha if such a time is needed. Calantha is the number one Bawerstromian export nation. It is estimated to make up 9% of the Keimin economy.

Famardy- A disaster of a nation. Its number one source of income is its prostitution tax. The prostitution industry of Famardy is estimated to make up 50% of its economy. King Olad’s recent deal with Bree has helped the Famardian economy, and has kept it from collapsing. King Olad refuses aid from the Bank of Jarlsjalfi. Trade with Bawerstrom has also increased, and King Olad has put a tax on any Bawerstromian good passing though its borders to get to Kasinthia. Major cities across Famardy are bankrupt, except for the capital-Bricklayer. Bricklayer’s economy has nearly doubled since King Olad’s deals were made, and the rich seem to be benefiting greatly. Recently, a poor tax was introduced as a way to “promote good work ethic and encourage citizenry to move up in the world”. Essentially it is a punishment tax-idealized as a stick on a donkey to make the poor want to move up, but instead just sends them deeper into debt. It is estimated to make up 1% of the Keimin economy.

Bree- A barter country. Its economy is screened through Famardy’s economy, for it is Bree’s number one trading partner. Kasinthia’s recent downturn has scared away Bree’s trading gurus. Famardy has compensated for the lack of currency in Bree by creating a currency on Bree’s behalf to calculate for goods, although those inside Bree do not use this currency. Only the trading gurus, the Breen Halflings that trade outside the country on behalf of the Bree government, use this currency. Bree is estimated to make up 1% of the Keimin economy.

A Special Note- The black market. It is growing in Kasinthia, especially since the invasion and recent economic downturn. It is essentially the Famardian economy, so it cannot even be labeled black market there. The Okimean black market is growing, and there are rumors that a Xiof-Lin Ang is connected to it-perhaps one of the leaders? The Bawerstromian black market does not exist. While there are certainly rumors of black market elsewhere, and they probably do exist, it is difficult gathering information on them.

A Special Note- The Assassin’s Guild. Rumors are the only thing that exist about this organization, but all of those rumor suggest that the Guild is a very powerful organization. Perhaps the assassinations of the Beristan Kings over the years is somehow linked to the Guild?

A Special Note- A secret organization. There are rumors of an organization that is somehow linked to the blackmarket. This organization seems very capable at covering its trail-suggesting that this organization is quite powerful. Perhaps Xiof-Lin Ang is aware of this organization, and can provide more information, although I have yet to meet this man. Or woman. I’m sorry I cannot provide more information at this time.

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