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April 5, 2009

The State of Keimin

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The State of Keimin

This is the official report on Keimin by reporter Skar. This has been reviewed and approved by the Crowns of Kasinthia, Bawerstrom and Mækivé.

Northern Elvish Alliance- The countries of Sarenú, Exbaltaira and Ko’ebbe. Berista is predicted to join the Northern Elvish Alliance, though not willingly. Military movements have been increasing in the Alliance, and rumors of a Gnomish genocide abound in Sarenú. Gnomes have fled in all directions, and for the most part have established themselves in the newly-minted Teardrop Isles, now a kingdom for several moons. Since cutting off trade with Kasinthia and the Farthings, Ko’ebbe had been facing a serious crisis in food and economics. But recently, it has been bouncing back after signing open trade agreements with the other members of the Alliance. Sarenú and Exbaltaira have also recently closed trade with Kasinthia and the Farthings.

Berista- Elvish nation. The Crown has recently announced an expansion to the navy and merchant shipping industry as a response. She has also declared that the color pink to be out of fashion and has recently adopted wearing sand colored dresses to match the reddish-brown sand of the Beristan beach. Berista is considered to be the next likely target of Northern Elvish Alliance acquisition, most likely through military takeover. Queen Calip’tila is adamant about keeping her throne, though the navy most likely will not be able to fight off a huge enemy fleet.

Teardrop Isles- Pirates continue to rule the outer islands for the most part. The largest island is where the Gnomes have established themselves a country, but rule seems to be weak. A large amount of Gnomish bodies have been found near the Tower. Mermaids have been sighted more and more frequently in this area. This area is unlikely to be attacked by the Northern Elvish Alliance due to the sheer distance and difficulty in transportation.

East and West Farthing- The annual peace summit between these two Halfling countries is coming up. This summit has happened since the dissolution of the Kingdom of Farthing, and seems to be a mere formality. East Farthing has increased its military movements. Their location in-between the Kingdoms of the Northern Elvish Alliance makes them prime places to be attacked first.

Jarlsjalfi- This Dwarven kingdom has recently discovered a large deposit of gold, and the government is slowly releasing this new currency into the market so as to not increase inflation too rapidly. Considered a stronghold against the North and not an immediate threat to the Alliance.

Mækivé- This Dwarven kingdom has recently sent Calantha more supplies in an overreach of the peace treaty terms between the two countries. This kingdom has just opened up a new trade agreement with Calantha for increased technology in exchange for food to help out the intense famine hitting Calantha. Considered a stronghold against the North. Leader Höfuthkorp of Mækivé wishes me to state the fact that his nation has declared its neutrality in all wars, ever since the Gormadoc War.

Calantha- A halfling nation that has truly recovered from the devastating Gormadoc War. They have recently begun suffering from an intense famine, and the Crown of Mækivé has sent more supplies to Calantha in response. Since the start of the Keltan War, it is predicted that if they are attacked, they will resist for a long time, but will eventually fall despite their advanced technology.

Bree- A Halfling nation considered by most to be…enjoying its weekly traditions extensively. This nation has recently felt a boost in its economy through trade with Famardy. Considered to be unlikely to be attacked by the Northern Elvish Alliance, but if it is attacked through the mountains, will likely fall. Could aid Kasinthia in the Keltan War. The forest borders have recently become a safe haven for fleeing nobles from Kasinthia.

Famardy- A human kingdom. Facing serious economic problems, disease, and massive food shortages, His Majesty King Olad has recently dropped all tariffs with Bree. Considered too weak to be a threat to anyone, though there are rumors of extreme violence occurring outside of the capital city.

Kelta- The Orcish kingdom. Recently facing scrutiny over the occupation of the northern part of Okime. Having the most powerful military in the Council, the other nations have abandoned Okime to its fate. The Keltan War began with the attack of the capital of Kasinthia being invaded by Keltan orcs. His Royal Majesty, King Aldo has informed me that he has recently ended trade agreements with Kelta until such time that the “situation with Okime is resolved”, and has now declared war upon Kelta since the Keltan invasion. The Leader of Mækivé also adds that he has ended trade agreements with Kelta. Bawerstrom has recently begun lending aide to Okime from the east. Considered a moderate threat to the Northern Elvish Alliance, though the Alliance has made their hatred for Orcs known.

Okime- Human kingdom. The northern part of Okime is occupied by Keltan forces, and the war over the territory has been waged for centuries; however, rebel insurgents have been attempting to free the territory from Orcish control. The Okimean economy is suffering, and food shortages are widespread. Supplies from Bawerstrom have done little to help. Considered most likely to fall in the War of Resistance against Kelta. With the declaration of war by Kasinthia due to the Keltan invasion of its capital, Okime now has powerful military allies in the Keltan War. King Shige was unavailable to comment.

Bawerstrom- Human kingdom. After the Winter Wars, the economy was in shambles, and the northern part of the kingdom was in need of rebuilding. Massive recovery efforts went underway, with Lord Wellington II and King Aglovale spearheading the revival. The Bawerstromian economy is now considered one of the strongest in the world. The Crown recently began lending aid to the rebel cause in Okime. Lord Wellington recently brokered a deal with Kasinthia, and Bawerstrom has become the number one supplier of iron to Kasinthia. In order to advance relations between the two countries, merchant boats have increased in number. Considered the safest kingdom from threat of war. With the declaration of war by Kasinthia upon the invading Keltans, Bawerstrom may help in the fight.

Kasinthia- Mixed race kingdom. Economy reinvigorated after coming to a trade agreement with Bawerstom. Has all the troubles one might expect from mixing races, but all of the benefits as well. Currently ruled by our most benevolent King Aldo. The elite warriors known as the Crusaders of the Crown make Kasinthia famous. Kasinthia has also recently updated their educational system, providing for more fairness between the different races mental growth. Is considered highly likely to be attacked by the Northern Elvish Alliance for socio-political reasons, but is safely protected by Bree on the west, mountains to the north, and the dwarven nations to the northeast, though it is threatened by Kelta to the east. The Keltan invasion of the capital is very bad in terms of the upcoming war with the Northern Elven Alliance. Keltan forces have destroyed parts of the capital, but the Academy of Magic quickly routed them after the initial invasion surprise attacked. The Crusaders were known to be instrumental in saving the farmlands and supplies for the Kasinthian people, as well as many civilians along the way.

A warning to all Citizens of Keimin, beware the growing power of the Northern Elven Alliance.
In addition, the Keltan War must end quickly, or the North will tear us, who are divided, apart!


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