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October 21, 2012

Queen of Bawerstrom Disappears!

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Queen Lisette D’eowyn of Bawerstrom, after initiating a war on Kelta, and going to war on Okime and Kelta (who were allies post Okimean War of Resistance Against Kelta), has disappeared! Her Husband, King William Lionheart, has organized a search party. Not only for her…but King Malthu is also missing!

King Lionheart gave a royal apology for the actions of the Queen, and has also redirected troops fighting Okimean-Keltan soldiers to return to the coasts to fend off the attacking NEA forces, which had seized control of 1/3 of the country!
King William Lionheart sends a formal apology to the Southern Coalition, and rejects offers to join the Meeting, stating that Bawerstrom needs to regain Bawerstrom before they can worry about other countries. King William Lionheart, once of Famardy, also rejects Matarian as rightful King of Famardy, stating that his House, the House of Black, is the true heirs of Famardy.

His mother, Geraldia Black, married Jakob Lionheart, a commoner who eventually divorced her and went to work for the Council, states that her House became lawfully the rightful heirs to the throne, as stated by King Olad, who pronounced the House of Wolf to be dead or banished.

King Lionheart also sends his heartfelt apologies to Queen Koria of Kelta, again stating a large search party is hunting down the location of the missing King.Local rumors suggest Malthu and Lisette have eloped.

The current civil war in Bawerstrom appears to be continuing, this time forming around the noble house that Queen Elaine was once part of before marrying Aglovale,resisting King Lionheart’s rule, stating that he has no right to rule the Kingdom.

Ponce LeFebrey (Brawly Reuter)

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