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April 12, 2009

Obituary: James Wellington II

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Today, fellow Bawerstromians and citizens of Keimin, we mourn the passing of the kind, humble, cosmopolitan, and magnanimous Lord James Arthur Wellington II. I must confess, I did not think much would come of the mewling babe when James Arthur Wellington I first announced him. To be frank, my colleagues and I feared he would be another legacy child, a boy grown fat, spoiled and expecting off of the gold and successes of his father. How little did we realize that he would turn out to be so much more than what we expected. How could we know of the cunning mind and gilded tongue that was born that day? After the passing of his father, James Wellington, the status quo maintained itself until the advent of the Bawerstromian Wars and the Kasinthian occupation. I still remember the carnage: the collapse of the iron industry, the streets of Xanthera a bleak battleground of desperate men. But then, out of the chaotic sea a man rose to restore order. Lord Wellington II, then the rising leader of his father’s banking business, stepped forward to the monarchy’s aid. With his sponsorship, the crown re-established the royal guard, bringing justice and order to the unruly mob outside the castle gates. With his efforts, he rebuilt the city of Xanthera, improving it beyond its former glory, totally quashing a pushing out the less palatable elements and paving over the slummier area to make Xanthera the glowing capital of humanity that the world knows if as today.

As King Aglovale’s Economic Advisor, Lord Wellington II raised the value of the Sun immensely. He managed to force open trade with most of Keimin not under the NEA, including Jarlsjalfi, a feat thought impossible. But for all of his success, you would not know it if you met him. He gave the appearance of humility to rival a priest in all his interactions, and it’s said that, while his home is extravagant, his personal study is devoid of all frivolities and distractions. And his magnanimousness cannot be oversold. He will be hailed for his donations in various organizations as well as his efforts to housing and employing Keltan refugees. I could spend volumes talking about how Lord James Arthur Wellington II affected the world, but I’m overcome with grief, for both him and the fate of Bawerstrom now that he has passed. The specific cause of his death is unknown, but a man of his years is expected to soon pass into from this painful existence, so while surprising I can’t call the event shocking.

As well, the son Lord James Arthur Wellington III was been officially declared dead by the government. Unfortunately, he had not the time his father did to accomplish the great deeds he probably would have. His last known whereabouts are with the Crusaders, a band of outlaws who just recently fled justice in Kasinthia and are reported to have been seen in Bawerstrom. Did they have some hand in Wellington II’s demise? Perhaps some foul play is at hand, or maybe the poor man simply died of a broken heart when he saw how far his son had fallen. We will never know though. Perhaps in the end, the boy died a hero, championing his father’s name. Let us remember James Wellington III fondly as the true son of his father.

The Bawerstromian Times
Johann Mendellin (Patrick)

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