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October 19, 2012

Northern Elvish Alliance Troubles?

Posted by Sparrow/Druku/Samuel

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Published by many low-class newspapers, on pamphlets intended to spread the news fast

It has been a long time since I last wrote an article, and boy do I have a lot to share. I’ve been working undercover in the Northern Elvish Alliance, and now I have news for you:
-Ko’ebbe is undergoing a Mages Rebellion
-Sarenu’s Ilvanya Ohtar is gaining grounds
-Beristan Loyalists are still fighting against the NEA Berista
-And most importantly, it seems King Halldhor has had a radical shift in policy…and attacked Ko’ebbe!
But let’s do this in order:

I had a special interview with none other than Argollo of the Mages Rebellion! He states that the mages are fighting for “freedom, independence, and looking to establish themselves a new homeland, where they can practice their art in peace.”

Why they didn’t just stay in their city behind the Wall is beyond me. But anyways, Argollo, Ch’taeish, Master Enchanter and Conqueror of the Seven Elvish Elements, former Head of the Kasinthian Academy of Magic, and the Council of Magi are leading this rebellion. A recent victory, taking the capital of Ko’ebbe, heralds great news to the South. When asked how did they accomplish this amazing feat, Argollo responded “with much blood”. Whether this was blood magic, as rumors say, or simply a reference to the amount of mages that died upon the wall of this “City of Woe”, I do not know. Ko’ebbien King Maenir comments, saying that the “sacrilege these bastards commit is outrageous and they will be dealt with in time.”

Next: Sarenu’s Ilvanya Ohtar, rumored to be behind the Queen of Berista’s death, has gained much ground in the civil war. Since Exbaltairan troops left Sarenu, the Crown has had a difficult time managing the rebels. The Crown has lost the peninsula, with the cities of Orrndor and Edheltal falling under rebel control. Beristan NEA troops are poised to attack the Ilvanya Ohtar should they gain too much.

Next: Loyalist Berista has sent their fleets to protect the Ilvanya Ohtar territory. Unfortunately, this means more NEA fleets are able to make it down to the South, and attack Bawerstrom. Calanthans are still holding the Tranquil River, protecting Okime and Kelta from naval invasion. At least, through the Tranquil River. River Lively, which dumps into the Alnuit Sea in Kelta is another matter entirely. On the ground, Loyalists and NEA troops die by the plenty. Not meant for land battles, Beristans are ill equipped to deal with the NEA organized forces. In turn, however, the generally anti-magic policies of the NEA also make them ill-equipped to deal with the magic-lenient nation that is Berista.
Now for the juicy bit: Exbaltaira attacked Ko’ebbe? What? Apparently, the anti-magic policies of Ko’ebbe now offends King Halldhor-who always seemed content with less magic in the world before. King Halldhor has issued a decree-Exbaltaira no longer supports Sarenu and Ko’ebbe as long as they make laws prohibiting magic, or generally make life miserable for mages. Argollo of the Mages Rebellion in Ko’ebbe says that he was approached by an Exbaltairan representative asking to join forcing. Argollo states he promptly refused, but, according to rumors, he also sent King Halldhor a hawk with a letter stating peace between them for as long as there is a common enemy, and as long as they stay away from each other. King Maenir has said that he has no choice but to use his “Final Solution” or “Last Resort”, the stories are confusing, on attacking Exbaltairan troops, intent on taking Maenir, dead or alive. What this solution is, I can only shudder to guess at.

Last bit of warning-apparently a project, or weapon, known as “Dark Spirit”, apparently a play on the human religion, is in NEA hands. It apparently is set to damage any advancement of Southern troops on the NEA. And a shady organization appears to be dealing with said weapon, an organization that connects to every kingdom. I’m sorry I could not find out more, but be warned!

-Your friendly Skin-Changer
Skar (Brawly Reuter)


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