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February 9, 2014

New Religion Sweeping Keimin

Posted by Sparrow/Druku/Samuel

A new religion has started taking hold among the poor masses of Keimin. Worship of the goddess Kimirra has become increasingly popular with the discovery of a new source of magic, runes, that even the lowest of peasants can use.

At the head of this new religion’s spread are its two self proclaimed prophets, a human male accompanied by a faun. This husband and wife duo was responsible for the destruction of a rising evil cult in the Arodarth Mountain Range, saving those living there, and converting them to the new faith. Following the religion grants the use of previously undiscovered magic runes and their power.

These runes are the basis for a new magic that anyone can use, even if one has no formal training whatsoever. The one exception is magically resistant folk, who are unable to tap into the runes’ potential regardless of whether they worship Kimirra. It is rumored that runes can even give people other than the wielded magical abilities for a short while after the magic has been cast upon them.

The Kasinthian Magic Academy has received an influx of new applications, almost all of which have been thrown out. They declined to issue a formal statement for us about the impact rune magic will have on them, however Professor Benjamin was overheard stating to another faculty member that he, “wouldn’t mind letting a few rune mages in. Maybe we can move the blood mages into a different building farther off campus to free their dorm to the new students. The older students should know how to get around by now.”

As of yet there has been no visible increase in magic related criminal activity. Reports of previously magically inept commoners showing off newfound magical abilities to their friends and neighbors have been on the rise. No accidental magic related deaths had been reported from misuse of this new magic. It is advised that people be wary of any small stone with a strange symbol they pick up.

Could this be the new cult craze sweeping the nation? Or is this religion and its crazy magic here to stay?

–Claire Kenway (Meghan Allen)

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