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September 24, 2012


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Unneeded havoc plagued Northern Kasinthia when the enchantment keeping the infamous Minotaur of Kasinthia in its labyrinth disappeared for unknown reasons. Guards from all over area were called in to reign in the monstrous creature, and so began the 48 hour standoff between the minotaur and the elite forces Kasinthia could muster up.

At first it seemed like a rousingly easy win on the part of the guards. They knew how Minotaurs worked, and quickly corralled it back into the labyrinth within a few hours, with only one of the guards gored. That is when things took a turn for the worse. The Minotaur proceeded to jump over the walls, which were once protected by the enchantment, and stomp a poor elf’s head into the ground, leaving nothing but a red misty mess.

It was at this time the standoff took a turn for the worse. Luckily, it was not long before the Champions of the Crown arrived to help the guards with their problem, along with the handful of skilled mages they could scrounge together on such short notice.

The mages immediately took to the labyrinth, but it was abundantly clear that there had been no strategy or tactics planned, they were left out completely in the open. The Champions of the Crown attempted a basic charge, which of course, did not work. Champion Del’ah Witherwort is currently under intensive care thanks to this delightfully stupid strategy.

After the Champions finally banded together to defend the mages while they fumbled with the enchantments they had very little experience with, the amount of gravely wounded rose at a non-exponential rate. When the Minotaur was finally put back into a fully enchanted labyrinth, the body count went thus:

2 dead guards, 11 injured. 4 critically injured Champions, and one dead mage. All of these being deaths and injuries that could have been avoided if some actual thought and strategy had been put into this encounter. Instead the sight was merely a constant mindless display of brute strength on both sides, with the Minotaur only not succeeding with the grace of one very talented healer from the Champions.

There was only one person who displayed any competency that day, and it was Healer Grehd Neshvin, an Orc currently at the head of positive Orc-other interactions, since the unfortunate Okiméan war. For that Orc, we encourage immediate leaving of the Champions of the Crown, as they are clearly far too talented and competent for a group that emphasizes simple displays of sparkling smiles and feats of strength.

Reports from Kasinthia say they will be upping security around the Labyrinth, as they have yet to discover the reason as to why the enchantment suddenly failed. Our greatest prayers go out to the victims, and our greatest hopes go out to the Crown that the Champions gain some actual competency.

~Marxie Colowski (Peri)

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