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September 11, 2012


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Kasinthia’s Temple of Light was vandalized this past week, and is going under extensive reparations. Officials are reporting that they have never quite seen a temple simultaneously half frozen over and half burnt to a crisp, in multiple layers at that. The pillars also have been practically destroyed, leaving the poor Temple standing through the grace of, well, the Light Spirit.

Current speculation has been centered around gang violence, possibly guerilla warfare from disgruntled Keltans, but so far the evidence is inconclusive. Of course, what the officials failed to mention was the fact that coincidentally, the Crusaders of the Council (formerly Crown) were let into Kasinthia around the exact time as the Temple was destroyed. Readers, if you think the word
“coincidence” exists in my vocabulary, then you clearly don’t know the Crusaders of the Council (formerly Crown) very well.

With the exceedingly obvious possibility out of the way, the law enforcement of Kasinthia have ignored it in favor of running an investigation on the now empty Academy of Magic and their source of magic scrolls. The Academy’s representative, Ja Rumen has remained incredibly defensive over the accusations, and a full examination of missing scrolls will be allowed later on in the week. Until that time, Professor Rumen has released the following sentence:

“The very idea that one of our finely educated alumni attempted to destroy such an important religious estate is absurd. We teach our students with fare more moral fiber than that. Furthermore, our libraries have the finest magical security in all of Keimin. No one broke in. No one will break in. If someone was so powerful to break into our resources, they would be far too powerful to need the spells in the first place, and we would have all been consumed by fiery death.”

Meanwhile, a volunteer effort has banded together to clean up the destroyed Temple, composed of Light Spirit devotees, and our very own Kasinthian Times head writer, Trenton Locke. We wish them luck with the repairs.
~Hobbes Mcfarland (Peri)

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