New Paltz LARP

April 15, 2009


Posted by Sparrow/Druku/Samuel

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In Kelta, a new king has reached the throne. Malthu, former Crusader of the Crown, and nephew to the now late King Osuhra, has taken the crown, and has already started a slew of new policies. The war for Okime has already grounded for a halt, with massive withdrawls in troops in the Orkime territory.

It is unclear how Malthu reached the throne, or the exact details of the late King’s death, but due to Orcish tradition, it is assumed that there was some direct family competition involved. To put it pathetically bluntly, the Crusaders have churned out yet another murderer, only this time it is perfectly legal. Keltan politics are beautifully simple that way.
Representatives are being sent to Kelta in order to get the full story, and hopefully shed some light on this very unexpected kerfuffle; expect more on this later.

~Marxie Colowski (Peri)

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