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September 13, 2012


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The second assassination of royalty has occurred. First, the Queen of Berista was killed, and now, the King of West Farthing. In reaction to this, many nobility have called in extra security in order to protect their own personages. The only King to refuse to increase security was King Manfred of Bree, who instead merely claimed he would not go to the after parties of their country’s celebration, and would make sure to have people taste test his food. Jarlsjalfi also did not increase security in the slightest, but it was the result of the King being dead, and none of the warring clans having taken over yet. The Jarsjalfian army has attempted to make some semblance of a united front against the now besieged West Farthing, but so far the results have been cluttered and unsuccessful.

Direct workers of Kasinthian’s Crown will now be going under re-evaluation before being re-hired, which will probably halt the progress of anything for quite a while. The process is expected to at least take a few weeks.

It is also recommended traders and travelers avoid Famardy, where Olad responded to this worry by skewering some Breen traders, and has expressed intent to lessen outer trade greatly, and take a more self-isolationist angle.
~Marxie Colowski (Peri)

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