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November 1, 2012

Kasinthian Werewolf Safety Pamphlet

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Kasinthian Department of Health and Public Safety Surviving Werewolf Attacks: You’re Guide to Escaping a Werewolf Attack with your life.

Identifying a Werewolf:

Since little is known about this relatively new phenomenon we have very little is known about how to identify these creatures short of fur and growing long pearly fangs. However there are a few warning signs such as increased aggression and emotional fluctuations. After someone has changed they appear as a large hulking wolf like figure.

What to do When You Encounter a Werewolf: Run? Hide? A werewolf has superior strength, speed, and smell to that of most council races so running is not a wise choice unless to a safe point close point as the creature can likely outrun you. Hiding is also an option provided that you hide in a place that has strong walls or masks your sent well. We recommend swampy areas for the latter.

Fight! In combat werewolves can be killed just like any other magical creature; however, the werewolf seems to have increased regenerative abilities when in wolf form. Weapon choice is also important as werewolves appear to be weak to shimersteel, although this is not confirmed. Lastly DO NOT GET BITTEN! Once bitten you will turn into a werewolf.

If Bitten: There is no known cure for lycanthropy that still exists. We recommend stabbing yourself in the heart with a sharp metal instrument to stop yourself from turning and slaying your friends, family, and neighbors.

This informational pamphlet brought to you by: The Kasinthian Department of Health and Public Safety. Hail Kasinthia (Connor Holmes)

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