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February 13, 2013

Kasinthian Times(Feb.13)

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Reports of attacks from an unknown faction have been reported in Famardy last week

Farmardian Guard report states: 24 children have been abducted within the last 4 days and very few witnesses to attest to these sinister acts.

Captain Whitewolf has this to say on the matter.

“I have not seen such an attack like this in over 15 years.” Whitewolf said. “I will personally see to it that security is increased, though I fear that this enemy is more powerful than the guard can deal with.”

Famardy has a strong border patrol presence with no two guards unable to not see one another. In essence it is very hard if not impossible to pass border patrol without being seen. This is a remnant from King Olad’s reign, where border security was of utmost importance.

“We will increase random inspections and tighten border security but I still do not understand how 24 children slipped through our fingers,” said Whitewolf sadly, “Unfortunately 15 years ago Famardy couldn’t protect itself from this outside invader…whoever it might be…I lost my only son to a similar attack as well…I can only pray to the Light Spirit that we find this unknown invader soon.”

–Reporter Wilson (James W. Cant)


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