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December 3, 2012

Jolly Robbers Steal the Show!

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I recently attended a special New Years’ production of Jolly Robbers: The Musical! Coming as it did on the tail end of the NEA war, there was a certain festivity in the air even before the opening number (When You Wish Upon a Star). Some were there to celebrate the end of the war and the coming of year 777, others simply wished to forget their troubles for a time.

Whatever their reasons for coming, the audience members invariably left with smiles on their faces. Well, all except for one young Okimean man, who was shouting about some kind of stolen necklace.Unfortunately, Lisette D’Eowynn of Bawerstrom declined to play herself in the production. However, even shorthanded as they were, the Jolly Robbers pulled together an impressive performance. Calm Mander took on the role of Princess Lisette, which he pulled off with aplomb.

There was some disagreement about the interpretation of the role of the Commander of the Jolly Robbers, leading to Johnny Robert taking over from Otter Gaius partway through the first act, but these professionals are able to handle such difficulties with ease. Otter seamlessly transitioned into his new role as narrator, while Johnny Robert won the audience over with his rendition of the heartwarming classic “Smile, Smile, Smile.”The grand finale, A Whole New World, was nothing short of a tour de force by Calm Mander (as Princess Lisette) and Slim Jim, who had taken over the role of Commander from Johnny Robert.

There was not a dry eye in the house as Lisette finally admitted her love for the Commander, while simultaneously mourning the fact that they could never be together. The Commander’s refusal to accept this, his willingness to sacrifice everything for love and a lady’s purse, will be the subject of many a romantic dinner conversation.The famous elven soldier who calls himself simply ‘Lieutenant’ had this to say: “Jolly Robbers: The Musical! was one of the most enjoyable plays I have seen in my time. I definitely intend to go see it again.

Maybe I will even go see it with my son.”Whether you came for the quirky songs, the tragic yet uplifting story, or the big-name stars, you will not leave the theatre saying “I’ve been robbed!” Unless, of course, you’ve actually been robbed. Jolly Robbers: The Musical! is the biggest (read: only) musical theatre event in Keimin today.

-G’rankar LunkcuddleTheatre Critic for the Kasinthian Times

(Eric Henn)

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