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September 28, 2012


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–Well, hello Princess Priscila, it is an honor to have you grace our humble paper! Now, I simply must ask that you tell us what happened that frightful night of the Gathering? Our information says that the Northern Elvish Alliance attacked after being kicked out of the Council, is this true?

“Yes, they rather conveniently had thousands of troops standing by.I left while I could, under the protection of the Kasinthian guards that accompanied me to the Organizational Council territory. I believe all the monarchs made it out alive… all the Elders, too. Under the protection of the Crusaders of the Council, that is.”

–Oh, the Crusaders of the Council?

“Yes. They safely led the Elders away from the OC territory before the attack commenced.”

–Interesting. So, as you said, all the monarchs and all the elders made it out alive, despite thousands of armed forces? These were NEA forces, correct? Exbaltairan forces are considered incredibly elite.

“Oh, the Exbaltairan soldiers were easily the fiercest we saw… two tried to kill me.The monarchs and the Elders made it -out- of the Organizational Council territory alive, yes. The Crusaders of the Council were protecting the Elders, trying to find a safe haven. The Northern Elvish Alliance troops intercepted the group several times. …Not all of the Elders made it, I’m afraid.”

–How many made it, then? Do you know?

“Elder Cupboard was not at the Gathering. There were eleven to begin with. I believe five Elders were lost in the battles… it all happened so fast…”

–How horrifying! How did you manage?

“I sent a letter to the Crusaders of the Council. I managed to hide out with two royal guards and sent them a letter by hawk, asking for their help. They came and rescued me.”

–Aaah…you misunderstand. How did you manage emotionally? This could turn even the strongest of men into blubbering messes to see order devolve into chaos.

“…How did I manage? I bit my lip and prayed to the Light Spirit, that’s how I managed. This isn’t the first time my family has been the target of terrorism, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.”

–Truly you are an example for all of us to follow. Did you interact with any of the other royals?How were they handling the situation?

“…Just fine.”

–Well, it seems like our monarchs are made of some tough material. Princess Priscilla, as a wrap up question, what are your predictions for the futures? Worries? Suspicions? Everyone in Kasinthia is absolutely befuddled as to what the future could possibly hold? What do you want to tell these people?

“I have a statement for my good Kasinthian people. I spoke on behalf of my father at the Organizational Council Gathering, and when it came time to vote on whether the Northern Elvish Alliance should be ousted from the Council, should cease being allied to the rest of us as members of the sixteen kingdoms, I voted yea. The NEA is tearing Keimin apart with their martial law ethics and their elitist ideals. It is the firm wish of my family that once the NEA has been dissolved, the old Elvish kingdoms be reinstated into the Organizational Council. And to my people, I say this: follow in the footsteps of our kingdom’s founder. Sir Nimgalen founded Kasinthia on very honest principles: to have a home free from judgement and oppression. We have a very special gift: the gift of diversity. The NEA wishes to destroy this liberty. Yes, the future is uncertain. We are not Seers. But hear this: band together, my brothers and sisters, and have faith in my father, for he will not let us down.

There is always sunshine after a storm, and we must be strong until the day when all of Keimin can peacefully coexist once more.”
~Trenton Locke (Peri)

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