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May 23, 2013


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Keimin’s break from bizarre catastrophes has come to an end. Despite (or very well due to) the absence of the Crusaders of the Council, the land has known almost an unprecedented time of peace. The Crusaders had been on a diplomatic mission to Ceres, land of the Satyrs and other such terrifying beasts that have been using the Breean land bridge as a point of invasion. There the Crusaders were presumably saving some civilization or fighting some god or any number of things no one here wants to know about because gods dammit we are all exhausted!

Well, our vacation ends now, just as the Crusaders’ begin. The Crusaders have officially returned to Council territory, and have reportedly been given a year’s break. Just before their sabbatical began, King Samuel Exbaltaira, King of Exbaltaira, stepped down as Commander of the Crusaders, finally ending one of the most uncomfortable political situations the Crusaders have been privy too.

King Exbaltaira reportedly resigned amicably and voluntarily, before swiftly departing the Council territory for his home nation. Within a day of crossing the border into the Exbaltairan Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), established in a deal between King Exbaltaira and the Council following the end of the Fourth War, the entire land was sealed away from the rest of Keimin.

To the East, along the DMZ/Farthing border, a massive wall of ice erupted on the Western bank of the Onisia River. To the South, along then Ko’ebbian border, a sudden fire erupted along the trees; cutting the two nations off. Reports suggest that the fire has remained stationary, not spreading to other trees nor into Ko’ebbe. Since then, no birds have come out of Exbaltaira, and there is no way of knowing if letters are successfully going in. The people of Farthing seem to find the change in scenery comforting, and the Council is still not allowing Kasinthian Times opinion surveys into Ko’ebbe. King Exbaltaira could not be reached for comment.

–Andreea Dobre, Editor for the Kasinthian Times


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