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August 27, 2014


Posted by Sparrow/Druku/Samuel


by Lulu Appletart

Once again fair readers I find myself reporting on the great thefts that appear to be taking place all across Keimin. This time we find ourselves in Jarlsjalfi, where it would appear that a string of gold, silver, and copper shipments have been hit. As you all know the area is well known for its precious metals production, and is an integral part of Keimin’s trade network. Unfortunately it would appear that a master thief has taken up roost here in recent months. As in the last two months nearly every shipment of precious metals to enter or leave the country has been robbed to some extent. So far a combined total of ten shipments have lost nearly one hundred bars of precious metals to date.

To make matters worse my fair readers, it would appear that the fiend, known only by her calling card of a black boot left at each and every scene, has evaded the local authorities. Black Boot, as the guardsmen and women of Jarlsjalfi have taken to calling this villainous thief, must have anticipated that the law was getting to close and has since ceased all actions in the country. When asked about the crimes the guardsmen of Jarlsjalfi had this to say “Black Boot is a obviously a group of upstart thieves trying to make a name for themselves here in Jarlsjalfi. For there is no other way that ten well-guarded caravans could have so much taken from them without a sign. But fear not people of Jarlsjalfi for we have in custody one of the groups ring leaders, and in the coming weeks will track down the rest.”

Though the guardsmen seem to think this the act of a group of thieves, this humble thief chaser thinks not. Having conducted my own investigations readers, I believe that Black Boot is an elderly human female cat burglar from Okime. For if one simply looks at the styles of the boots found at each of the scenes, one will quickly realize that it is a currently popular style of women’s shoes amongst the humans of Okime. As for why I believe it is only one woman, simple my dear readers, for they are all the same size shoe. Unfortunately my dear readers, the thief is smart enough to buy from shops throughout the city, leaving me no further leads at this time. But fear not for your fearless crime stopping writer Lulu Appletart will continue to pursue this foul vixen and bring her to justice.

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