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February 17, 2014

The Adventures of the Prophets

Posted by Sparrow/Druku/Samuel

“Steps on the Path to Greatness”

“Welcome to the council grounds Beardless. It’ll be a pleasure to have ya with us!”

“The name ain’t Beardless lad! I be the journeyman runesmith Darean Ironbowl! I be one of the few remaining runesmiths in existence and happen to be the fourth best in existence since me master gone died! And It only be due to the help of the prophets that I be around today!”

“The Prophets you say? And what prophets would those be?”

“Kimirra’s Prophets of course ya igit! Who else do ya think would I be talking about lad? Im a bloody runesmith, we can only do our craft by worshiping one god.”

“Easy Beardless, I ment ya no harm. I was just curious about these Prophets you were talking about.”
“The name’s Darean Ironbowl I tell ya!”

“Ya ya I hear ya Beardless, but what about those Prophets?”

“Ya igit I told ya the…. Ya know what it ain’t worth it. Fine come on over by the forge and I’ll tell ya me story with the Prophets.”

“First of all ya gotta understand that I was part of the cult of Morrinth. I was the lone survivor of that fight with the crusaders outside the forge. Ya see it was I that was being groomed to take over the cult after the Master Gavelstein passed on, and that is in part one of the reasons that I was his apprentice. Well after the crusaders beat us cultists, and Master Gavelstein deprived me of me beard, I managed to crawl back inside and free me self. And there was where I stayed until a few hours later the Prophets returned, and explained to us what had happened. Now at first we didn’t really believe them and a good number of us tried to murder um ya see. As at we believed they were the ones following a false god, and it wasn’t until we had been beaten around alittle that we started to realize that they was tellin the truth.”

“Now right quick we fell back into the right and returned to Kimirra’s flock just as we should, but that isn’t the end of me story. Ya see, they went on the cleanse the other villages and make sure that the rest of the cult had been removed, but little did they realize that even though they had been Prophets for less then a few hours, they already had a large number of enemies. And these enemies were out for blood. Not two hours had passed when a massive golem of shining metal unlike anything I’d ever seen, and a pack of what appeared to demonic wolves came tearing down the road.”

“Now the beasts were terrible to behold, and damn near scared our people senseless, but the golem appear at least some intelligence. As the creature approached me and asked me if I knew where the Prophets had gone. Well I ain’t afraid to admit it, I was almost shakin me self, and simply pointed in the direction they had gone. Little did I know though this was apparently some great offense where the golem came from, and grabbed me round the neck and tossed me nothing so much like a ball into the town square. Layin there, feelin like I had been beaten with an anvil, the bastarded shouted something like “Let this be a lesson on good manners, to you mortals.” and set the dogs on me.”

“At this point I thought I was done for, for sure. As six, no ten, demonic wolves lept at me in a feedin frenzy. But much to me surprise it was the wolves that started yipin and fleein. The Prophets had returned ya see, and the Master Sedems had waded into the middle of the wolves strike about im like a man possessed. Meanwhile the Mistess Freya was dragging me to me feet placed a healin rune on me, slapped a dagger in ta me hand, and pushed me into the fray to help. Well at this point the great golem came chargin in himself and the Master peeled outa the fray to engage the bastard. Now it was just me and the four remaining demon wolves, and I was much likin me odds at this point. When much to me surprise the Mistress joined and promptly froze them all solid.”

“Now turning back to the golem I found the Master apparently enjoying himself squaring off against the massive opponent. He was effortlessly dodging between the monster’s strikes and all the while laughing and landin blows on it! Now after about 10 minutes of this I heard the mistress say something along the lines of “Alright dear you’ve had your fun, its time you finished the beast off and we returned to our quest.” To which the Master responded “Yes dear.” And took the creatures head clean off!”

“By Kimirra I never knew any could move that way in full plate, let alone defeat such a massive beast as the golem, but the pair made it seem easy the way they dispatched it and the wolves. Here with a look of pride at their deeds, the pair turned to me and asked me to be their runic ambassador to the crusaders, so to speak, and let ya’ll know that they would be visiting sometime soon to help ya out with your runic magic. Till then they said I’d have to do if ya needed runes, and to make me skills available to any who wish to learn.”

“Really Beardless, if you expect me to believe such a tall tale, you really need to become a better liar. Well thanks again for the story, I’ve got to get back to guard duty, but come find me after dusk I at least owe you a beer for that tale! See ya Beardless!”
“It’s not Beardless ya bastard!”


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