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October 11, 2012

King Rhosis’ Orphanage City Has Not Fallen!

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This reporter comes to you with great news! The Orphanage was besieged by NEA forces, and who came to the rescue but the Heroes of Calantha, the Crusaders of the Council!

The current Commander of the Crusaders, Alex Lawyerman, was one of the Crusaders who saved Bawerstrom and Kasinthia during the Winter Wars, and was never banished from Kasinthia in the assassination of the Minister of War plot the Crusaders allegedly were involved in. Alex Lawyerman and the now redeemed Juneau Solace bravely led the Crusaders into the fray. They turned the tide of the battles of the Sea Wall and the Bomb Plot of the NEA in the city’s favor, risking life, limb, and other limbs to stop the NEA in its tracks.

The Northern Elvish Alliance appeared to have been using King Rhosis’ Orphanage City as a field test in order to find weaknesses that they could possibly exploit in Kestral Point, last refuge of the royals, the rumored housing of Mad Queen Aoife, the grande last stand of Bawerstrom. With the failure to take the Orphanage, NEA troops appear to be simply laying siege to Kestral Point, instead of brunt forcing their way in.

Captain of the Guards, Nicholas Cantora, states that “without the Crusaders, the city would have fallen. I told them about the warrant for their arrest and told them to avoid Xanthera-I feel like this is little reward for their miraculous victory.”

He then goes on to state that only a few children managed to survive the NEA onslaught, clearly designed to distract anyone who would try to take out the bomb that threatened to destroy the entire infrastructure of the city, thus forcing the population to flee.

The city’s damage is thus-the Sea Wall and surrounding areas need to be cleaned of NEA dead bodies. The damage from the bomb explosion, mitigated by Director Denethor of the Crusaders, caused several local buildings to fall, and laid waste to the…well…the waste removal system of the Orphanage.

Meanwhile reports are coming in from Merna, the cultural center of Bawerstrom-the military abandoned the city, and a civilian militia was formed to defend the city. Caelinius of the Crusaders, loved by Merna for his performances in many shows, leads this civilian militia.


Ponce LeFebrey (Brawly Reuter)

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