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March 31, 2009

‎“““““““““““IS IT THE END TIMES????““““““““““`

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——–A Gnomish region of farmlands in the Kingdom of Kasinthia seems to be experiencing a fulfillment of an ancient end time prophecy supposedly etched in a stone by Garl Glittergold, the Gnomish God Himself, a shrine attracting tourists for centuries. With whispers of mass genocide in Sarenú, the Gnomes of the area believe that the first part of the prophecy was fulfilled. When a Gnomish wizard appeared with a loud bang amongst their small village, claiming to be Garl’s son sent to protect the remnants of the Gnomes, it fulfilled the second part of the end time prophecy. Next, flames began raining from the sky, burning farmland and half of the small village down, fulfilling the final third part of the prophecy. On a possibly related note, seagulls have been falling dead near the Urnu Sea, a mere two leagues away from the village, slightly crispy; others seem to have been attacked by a bird of prey. The Gnomes have begun closing themselves off from society, the wizard attacking any non-Gnomish travelers and all tax collectors of the Crown. The group seems to be growing in power as more Gnomes flock to the small village, apparently fleeing Sarenú. More Gnomes are believed to be fleeing to the Teardrop Isles far in the north.
———-Magic experts inform that the way the wizard appeared was akin to the appearance of person banished by another wizard to a faraway land. Could this be the case of this self-proclaimed son of a god? Could he be taking advantage of the prophecy for his own gain? Or is this truly the End Times?
~~~~~~~~~~~~Where are the Crusaders of the Crown?~~~~~~~~~~~~~
——–Surely they could solve this once and for all. Princess Lisette, affectionately known as “Commander Badass” to her comrades, is a very capable leader. She could easily lay this to rest in a heartbeat. I beseech her to come to the aid of these led-astray Gnomes. But a word of warning: they fiercely believe in their “messiah” and will die to protect him. If he were to die, it may show the Gnomes that they were wrong in their belief and take grievous action.

Your Friendly Skin-Changer,

Skar (Brawly)

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