New Paltz LARP


  1. Preamble
  2. Purpose
  3. Membership
    1. Restrictions
    2. Revocation
    3. Restoration
    4. Expurgation
  4. Offices
    1. Responsibilities
    2. Elections
    3. Powers
    4. Presidential Limits
  5. Club Activities
  6. Campus Fealty
  7. Conventions
  8. Amendments
  9. Terms of Office
  10. Member Rights
  11. Ratification
  12. Council of Past GM’s
  13. Amendments and Current Policies
    1. Definitions
    2. Amendments
    3. Current Policies
      1. Character Death
      2. LARP Elections
      3. Voting Guidelines
      4. Commissioners Guidelines
      5. Non-Combatants
      6. E-Board Membership
      7. E-Board Meetings
      8. Photos
      9. New Paltz Larp Group Facebook* Page
      10. Total Party Kill
      11. Chain of Command
      12. Online Interactions


The name of this club will be the Live Action Role Play Club of the State University of New York, New Paltz, henceforth referred to as the LARP Club, New Paltz LARP, or the New Paltz LARP Club.


The purpose of New Paltz LARP is to:




Membership of this club is not restricted to SUNY New Paltz students, but election to an E-Board position is restricted to students (Undergraduate or Graduate) only. To vote in an election, one must have been a consistent member, as determined by the current President and Vice President in agreement. Anyone, regardless of any disability, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, etc. is allowed to be a member-as long as they understand the rules and guidelines for the club.


Membership of this club can be revoked by the President and Vice President, in agreement, only. The stages of removal are as follows:



Membership of this club after revocation can be restored with the following steps


Should the damage inflicted upon the club be severe enough, the President has the authority, as Game Master, to remove all contributions made by the removed member to the club, typically through use of an in-game creature known as the Chainfire.



Responsibilities of the officers of New Paltz LARP are as follows. Note: these are responsibilities, and not necessarily the powers of each of the officers.

President/Game Master (GM)

Responsible for the running of the club on a weekly basis. Organizes NPC (New Paltz Convention) and Conquest with the Presidents of Gaming Society and Anime Club. Makes plot for every week. Solves any disputes that arise, and monitors the actual larping of the club. Makes sure that supplies are sufficient for club activities. Answer any and all questions that anyone may have with the club. Must have a near-complete knowledge of the handbook (You are the walking handbook). Can approve articles (should look them over because they can affect plot). Must keep tabs on the forum or risk things happening that was unintended. Everything any other position does if the Vice President cannot do it. Makes sure the other positions are doing their jobs. Approves boffers. There is more, but its on a case by case basis, or it is other minor duties.

Vice President

Can be GM if the GM is sick/out. Anything the President does if the President cannot do it themselves at that time. Is present and acts as a counterbalance to the over-creativity of the GM. Maintains and updates the handbook. During the club itself, helps run the weekly activities, and can settle problems when a situation arises and the GM is elsewhere directing the club itself. Looks over and approves articles. Approves boffers. Performs the responsibilities of the other offices if the line of succession cannot.


Does whatever the President asks you to. Which usually means Facebook* activities like putting documents together and keeping track of the newspapers. The Secretary is expected to keep track of notes for the previous meetings and be the assistant to the President when the Vice President is not available. Secretary also maintains the wiki, and is in charge of keeping track of the forum when the President cannot. Acts as Vice President when the President or Vice President is unable to perform their GM’ing duties for missions.


Gets the club the money needed for supplies, for foamsmithing or spackets, or to get supplies, such as drinks for Conquest/NPC. Makes sure supplies are adequate for the club’s use.

Public Relations (PR)

Two people. Represents the club at club fair if the president/VP cannot attend. They are responsible for designing and distributing posters and fliers that advertise the club, for either an event, NPC/Conquest, or to attract new members to the club. Takes pictures of special events of the club. Monitors the public arena of the club, and removes any offensive material, as well as approves the pictures to be uploaded.


Helps keep track of previous meetings and assists in organizing the chronology of both Keimin and Crusader lore. The Historian also keeps a log of mission summaries for those who may have missed a mission. The new website is also the Historian’s responsibility, with help from the President/Vice-President.

Event Coordinator

Responsible for FUSE’ing rooms for the club, working with Anime and Gaming Society for NPC/Conquest, and helping scheduling for major events. Attends scheduling meetings for the conventions on the behalf of the President.

Council of Organizations Representative

Responsible for representing the club at every Council of Organizations meetings. Notifies President of any Clubs-wide announcements.


Make boffers that the President asks them to, giving them the supplies necessary for it if needed. Can be commissioned by people, if the foamsmith chooses, and make specially designed boffers. The foamsmith may charge for materials and work effort if not using materials supplied by the club. As this is not something the LARP club can condone without legality issues, please take any of this business outside club times. Foamsmiths are also responsible, if the President chooses to work this way, for checking boffers to make sure they fall under club regulations, before sending them to the President/VP for final approval. Anybody can be a foamsmith, as long as they know the regulations of the LARP club.


Elections will take place prior to all common registration dates for classes. Due to the earliness of Honors classes registration, elections are not required to take place before such class registrations. Officers must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA and attend a majority of the clubs meetings, unless an express exception is made by the President and Vice President, in agreement, of the club. All officers who fail to follow the above said will be asked to step down, or in the case of the GPA, step down themselves, as the club has no authority to check any individuals’ GPA.

In the case of a removal of an officer, the President shall act in the meantime, or hold an emergency election. In the case of the removal of the President, the Vice President will become Acting President until elections are held.


The powers of each following officer is as follows:

President/Game Master

All powers of every E-Board position. The power to direct and manage the club as seen fit, as long as it does not conflict with the rights and protections of the members. The sole power to create the weekly plot, but should take into consideration any ideas put forth by any other club member, especially Vice Presidential recommendation. Acts as tie breaker in E-Board votes.

Vice President

All powers of the President, should the President be unable to act at that time. All decisions of the Vice President are final unless overturned by an E-Board vote, or expressly said elsewhere in the constitution. Has the power to veto Presidential/GM plot during plot creation. Has the power to call a Presidential review group without the President there, to gather information on members’ opinions on the current state of club affairs, and give said opinions to the President for consideration. The power to solve disputes in the weekly club activities, or any other power delegated to E-Board members written not in this Article. The power to approve posters for the PRs, provided the President is able to view them prior to distribution.


Acts as the Vice President for plot creation if the President or Vice President are unable to create plot. The power to solve disputes in the weekly club activities, or any other power delegated to E-Board members written not in this Article.


The power to solve disputes in the weekly club activities, or any other power delegated to E-Board members written not in this Article.


The power to solve disputes in the weekly club activities, or any other power delegated to E-Board members written not in this Article.

Public Relations

The power to unapprove pictures or other such public appearances of the club on websites or posters, with Presidential and Vice Presidential oversight. The power to solve disputes in the weekly club activities, or any other power delegated to E-Board members written not in this Article.

Event Coordinator

The power to create, unapprove, etc. the events for conventions, with Presidential and Vice Presidential oversight. The power to solve disputes in the weekly club activities, or any other power delegated to E-Board members written not in this Article.

Council of Organizations Representative

The power to solve disputes in the weekly club activities, or any other power delegated to E-Board members written not in this Article.

The E-Board as a Whole

The power to pass policies of the system or club organization, and the right to change E-Board responsibilities and powers through an E-Board vote of 2/3. Removal or adding of E-Board positions is to be passed by a club through the Amendment process. Policy creation must be passed with 1/2 of the E-Board vote. The power to remove the President or Vice President through a 3/4 vote, following a review committee whose report was submitted to the President or Vice President, with adequate time to change (minimum 2 weeks). The power to remove other E-Board members through a 1/2 vote, with President and Vice President in agreement. For an E-Board meeting to be considered official, both President and Vice President must be in attendance (barring certain circumstances under policies). E-Board meetings can be called by any member of the E-Board. These meetings can take place over Facebook*, but the President has the right to call for an in-person meeting. If such a meeting is called, ALL E-Board members are expected to attend, given a one week advance notice, unless the President makes an exception. All Policies are to be reviewed and re-passed or removed at the beginning of each semester.


As these positions are not elected, these positions are not considered to be officers, and thereby retain no official power. Any delegation of duties by the President to the Foamsmiths is not permanent, official, or a responsibility on the Foamsmiths. These positions are considered as volunteers. The President and Vice President, in agreement, have the final say on all approval or banning of any equipment used in the New Paltz LARP Club, with heavy recommendation by the Foamsmiths.

Note: a dispute involving the plot of the club is to be handled by the President or Vice President only, unless either the President or Vice President says otherwise.

Presidential LimitsTop

The restrictions on the power of the Presidency are as follows:

Club ActivitiesTop

The weekly club activities will take place between 7 PM and 9 PM on Wednesdays, unless otherwise voted through referendum by 2/3 of club members present. Club activities may also take place over the weekends, but not on Thanksgiving Break, Easter Sunday, or other such circumstances to be determined by E-Board policy.

Campus FealtyTop

The New Paltz LARP Club will abide by all rules and regulations of the SUNY New Paltz Campus and its official agencies.


The New Paltz LARP Club will participate in the conventions known as Conquest or New Paltz Convention (NPC), unless a majority vote of the E-Board and the President decides otherwise.


Amendments to the Constitution must be passed through a 2/3 majority, unless stated elsewhere, through a referendum called for by the President throughout the semester, or any member during the election meeting.

Terms of OfficeTop

All positions are for one semester, pending re-election. No E-Board member may hold the position for 4 semesters consecutively, but may hold a position an unlimited amount of times otherwise.

Member RightsTop

The rights of each member in the fictional world are as follows:

The rights of each member in the non-fictional world are as follows:

The restrictions of each member are as follows:


This constitution will formally replace the Fall 2012-Spring 2014 constitution on March 26th, 2014, upon full E-Board approval.

All attending members of New Paltz LARP are under a non-verbal agreement to abide by this constitution and the rightfully elected E-Board’s policies. Members within their first 3 weeks of joining the club will be shown leniency.

Council of Past GM’sTop

This council, made up of all the previous GMs before the current one, serves as a volunteer advisory board to the current GM. This council, pending the official removal of the President, is responsible for aiding the new President repair any damage done to canon by a malicious GM.

Amendments and Current PoliciesTop


Amendments are permanent changes to the Constitution. Current Policies are the E-Board’s accounting of certain variables of the club’s operations, as well as official interpretations of the Constitution, but are not permanent.


As of 3/26/14, there are no Amendments to the Constitution.

Current PoliciesTop

Character DeathTop

When your HP is reduced to zero, you are knocked out and fall to the ground until healed. If on asphalt or other hard surfaces, don’t feel obligated to take a hard fall and hurt yourself, safety first! An unconscious character may be “deathblowed” by another if struck again while on the ground. If this happens the character is dead.

The Process: No character dies before level 3. Characters have 18 strings of life at level 1, and lose 1 string per level, to a minimum of 1 life string left. A deathblow count of 4 to deathblow someone, which is an NPC trait given by the GM. Upon being deathblowed, a count up to 30 begins (barring modifiers), spoken aloud by the person who was deathblowed (ex. 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, etc., not 30 Mississippi, 29 Mississippi, etc). Only a Resurrectionist, Unmatched Healer, Stabilizer, or the spell “Sacrifice” can save you. In specific circumstances, an Unmatched Smith can also save certain individuals. They have to act out stopping you from dying, a count that lasts for 7 seconds (except “Sacrifice”, which acts immediately), with the key words being Resurrect, First Aid, Stabilize, and Repair, respectively. When you are fixed by them, you are at 0 HP and can be deathblowed again. If you run out of time, you lose a string. A last ditch attempt to save yourself is a sacrifice of one level for one last string.

Note: You cannot be resurrected after sacrificing a level. After all strings are lost, permanent death. If the person who is deathblowing, or the person who is saving you is attacked while counting, they must react and restart the count. If you are counting to 30 for death, and someone begins to fix you, the count stops. It picks up where you left off if the savior is attacked. To visually represent the fact that you are dying, place your weapon on your chest, and speak your count out loud. Do not shout your countdown, simply say it with a firm voice.

In World Note: If you choose the deal with death and sacrifice a level, you are in fact sacrificing your soul to continue your life. Your character cannot become a ghost, nor go to the afterlives or anywhere else post character death. Also, the spells Slow Death and Hasten Death add or subtract 15 seconds from the death count (making the count 45 or 15, barring modifiers) respectively.

LARP ElectionsTop

Elections for President and Vice President will be run by the Secretary. All other elections will be run by the President incumbent. Should either the President or Secretary be running for a position for which they should preside over, the job shall pass to the Vice President and Historian, respectively. Lastly, any E-board member may preside over an election they do not wish to be a candidate for.

Voting GuidelinesTop

Historian will be the position voted on last in elections, making especially sure that the Event Coordinator, Council of Orgs Representative, and Treasurer seats are filled first.

Commissioners GuidelinesTop

Feel free to advertise (as long as there is a do-it-yourself version available for self teaching elsewhere), but avoid putting up actual prices if possible. This goes for costuming, boffer creation, etc.


If declared non combatant prior to the LARP meeting, you must remain so throughout the entire meeting. If you go non combatant during a meeting, you may change on and off when needed, as long as its not during a battle. Non combatants may not loot, but the non combatants prior to LARP meetings will receive additional pay, as they are unable to loot and its not their fault.

E-Board MembershipTop

If you cannot attend LARP sessions due to a prior ongoing conflict, you will be asked to step down from your position.

E-Board MeetingsTop

If an E-Board member cannot attend a scheduled meeting, they must abide by the decisions made at that meetings. Concerns may be addressed the following meeting, but that does not necessarily mean the reopening of a revote, unless E-Board members have changed their minds.


Anyone can take pictures/video as long as they have gotten the permission of both PRs and the President or Vice President, and the PRs overlook the pictures/videos to edit out those on the “Don’t take pictures of me” list, and bad pictures in general.

New Paltz Larp Group Facebook* PageTop

It will remain Open at the beginning of every semester until one week post GI, where it then will be Closed until the Weekend Event.

Total Party KillTop

In the event of a TPK, the Crusaders and NPCs will switch sides, and we will see how the other Crusaders group does. And if they succeed, then they will have to rescue the fallen crusaders on a smaller death timer. Of course, this is only in the event that the life strings would not help win the battle, waiting out the life strings for the whole party to get back up with the small HP.

Chain of CommandTop

President>VP>Secretary (for plot, if none of them are there, the mission is cancelled)
Event Coordinator>Split between PRs and VP
PRs>VP and Treasurer

Online InteractionsTop

The forum on is the only source of canonical conversations and actions, unless approved by the GM elsewhere. One such example being Tumblr* – interactions on Tumblr* are not canon, but letters sent between characters, with GM oversight, is permitted to be canon.

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